Visakhaptnam escorts rate cards

Here you can find the possibles types of escort services in Vizag  and their rate cards .

At the current we provide four kinds of exclusive escort services , delivered in Visakhapatnam. We have a large pool of employees working in the city, who are freelancing and professional escorts.So keep on checking the page for regular service updates and their dynamic rates. You will find the cheapest options available with escort service in Vizag.

visakhapatnam escorts rates : the ecnomic package

vizag escorts within 20 km of radius within airport outcall 2 hours 12,000 rupees
Vizag escorts only at the poshest locations outcall 2 hours 11,000 rupees
vizag escorts at your chose public spot outcall 2 hours 13,000 rupees

visakhapatnam escorts rates : the premium package

vizag escorts  for guiding  outcall 2 hours 14,000 rupees
Vizag escorts for dining in the chosen food houses outcall 2 hours 9,000 rupees
vizag escorts at after 8 nightlife excursion outcall 2 hours 19,000 rupees

visakhapatnam escorts rates : the exclusive package

vizag escorts  for city's mall hunt outcall 2 hours 7,000 rupees
Vizag escorts for arranging a party bash outcall 2 hours 9,000 rupees
vizag escorts at star hotels outcall 2 hours 21,000 rupees
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