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Have you thought of an escort service in vizag or visakhapatnam which is simply out of the box, a kind of escort experience which you have always heard in modern urban cities of West but never could imagine, oneday you can get to avail such service in the vizag or visakhapatnam city only whenever you are traveling there. Vizag escorts is an innovation concept of the Indiatweets team where you experience a never before companionship, full of virtual tour , fully customized by your tastes and curiosities.

If you are a journey man, just arrived in Visakhapatnam , totally clueless about the basic whereabours, e.g where to dine and hang out, then our escorts and helps are with you to guide you thoroughly in terms of choosing the food, quality nightlife advices , venturing around the oldest sites to the glitziest malls, all the detailed services with perfect timely delivery whenever you need it. How great are our staffs?

First of all, we are a bunch of bloggers, coders and travel enthusiasts who are working in the hospitality industry since 2010. If you believe youngsters' innovative models of entrepreneurship, vizag escorts from Indiatweets brand is a must have for you. We don't hire staff because we dont believe typical office culture, we are close circle of like minded people, it's more a like community bond on which we are connected to each other strongly. If you are availing an escort service in Vizag, be sure, your escort will be a highly well-informed, city savvy and witty person. Which means each one of us who are running this page, operating the call and finally proffering you the service are likely to be localite. Resident of Visakhapatnam since years - does it not sound safe and interesting , specially , when you are a new comer or a tourist in vizag?

Our continuous research and deep level networks in Visakhapatnam escorts award us the mark of reliability and genuinity, we know what we are offering. Though it may sound the newest trend in the city, it is just going to be another cakewalk for us and mind-boggling interaction for you. We are independent , ever renovating our quality and extremely quick at grievance redressal. If you wanna know more how the escort is going to be whom you're just about to meet , probably after seeing this article, read this honest review in the form of an interview with one of our vizag escorts through a skype session.


Her name is Antara ( name changed) Reddy. Age 26 and working in the media industry, she looks like a fun loving young spinster who loves traveling and food a lot. She divides her time with provisional assignments ( best part of being freelancer) and providing escort sessiona for few hours.

Qst. How do you see the latest concept of escorting and why did you choose this job for yourself?

Ans. For me, it is really a bit confusing. I have spent some times abroad during my diploma course. I found the european continent has a more liberal outlook about escorting. Here in India it's all messed up ( giggled). People can't distinguished between sexual adult stuff and a plain original escort service which is more about accompaniment and guidance during your visit in the city in this case Vizag. For me, in the coming days things gonna be better and the escort industry would be more expanded and updated to endorse alternative approached. It's essential. I chose this job because I love people helping. Guiding lost soul. Chatting and spending time with likeminded strangers who keep interests in sight seeing, tasting street food and meeting local people. I am providing the service for last three years and believe you me, in this journey met some wonderful candid minds who did not keep the relations within the escort fold but streched to a warm friendship.

Qst. But how do you see the present scenario in Vizag being almost a localite? How do common people see the job ?

Ans. I dont know about everyone. It's an emerging mega city where you can find all channels of entertainment be it food, discos and pubs. It is near the coast, so people are generally enthusiastic about the elegant things of life. Night out, long drives towards the outskirts, spending weekends in discos are normal things. Vizag girls are many times migrant IT professionals like me who can't miss a can of beer or two in the pubs when they reach home on friday nights. So overall, the educated and urban crowd are absolutely cool about what you are doing. I can't avoid the fact there are still some purita and cliché minds who stereotype things. No? I believe you will find such people even in the most developed part of the world !

Qst. Being an escort, do you feel satisfied or being a photographer is a more lucrative and prominent oppoturnity for you?

Ans. Hmm... Being a photographer I pursue my passion, not the ambitions exactly. I love taking images of people and culture and that's what I'm doing for the last few years. I had previously worked with entertainment and media companies. But I preferred to be a freelancer as it spares me more time to ponder on myself. Escort job is much steadier and a direct source of payment working for few hours. Initially, even I was a little hesitant about the entire thing. But now it's more about fun and excitement. Whom are you gonna meet and how could you spend the best time with them.


addition: This was a genuine interview with one of our escorts who is currently located in East Point Colony , Visakhapatnam. So if you've put up somewhere near this area, an escort service in East Point colony would not be of a much headache for you. Actually, wherever you resideat the current situation, it does not matter for us, just call us up, we will provide you with an inexpensive and ritzy service package in Vizag for the escort experience. To be frank, our clients mostly star regency guests in Vizag who want to explore the city. These are following places we always feel excited to provide escort solutions

escorts in Novotel Visakhapatnam in Varun Beach
escorts in The park, Visakhapatnam
escorts in The Gateway Hotel, Beach Road
escorts in Four Points by Sheraton Marriott
escorts in Fairfield By Marriott

All our escorts are somewhere connected to fine arts, digital art, IT sector or tourism industry who have perfect qualification and eligibility to perform as an escort in Vizag. Many a sites and agencies could assure you with some false and superfluous claim, by saying, escorts in Vizag are college girls or russians , we don't understand what's the point of it , whats the reason behind this sort of trading gimmick ! we're intuitive about our clientelle, instantly percieve their service requirement within a minute's conversation. Our clients are those who are well educated, classy and engaged in an up to the mark profession, say IT professional, Corporate and Multimedia industry. Yes , it's sound unprecedented but we DO filter our clients. Screening clients to deliver the most effecient and genuine escort service is nothing new, at top notch escort hubs of all the developed countries practice this healthy business habit.

You can easily get us while just going through our content, we are unique, meticuluous and do't prcatice , decades old escort vodoos to make it work. We are hyperconscious about the quality we provide while proffering escort service in Visakhapatnam. We care for our escorts because we belong to each other. It's a one to one absolutely private escort servicing, which means we make sure our business operation is authentic, effective and actively out-performing others. And, Congo , you're also a part of us !

When we emphasize on the phrase escorts in Visakhapatnam we simply means ' trust, experience and bond' and it's obvious, if you don't build a professional rapport with us, these three things would never be possible. we're fully responsible for the 'experience' what you are going to recieve now. We are also responsible for the escort's personal contact information,we're delivering to you. Indiatweets is a brand name for last three years, the people especially, the escorts connected to us are extremely excited about this out of the box concept. yes such concepts on independent escort service in Vizag is our exclusive trademark in India. You've been reading us for long , you know what how confident we are about the prospects. We are assertive about the nature of the escort service we're just now going to provide. we had a small pilot project on this in regard to Kolkata escort service and believe you me, it had hit at an unexpectedly positive note. The huge responses we recieved through different social media and the site itself we had recieved blew our mind and Indiatweets became determine to indianize this trending western concept in few years. Once Indiatweets escorts make a hallmark, others will follow the suite. In terms of service providing and authentic service and data providing, we have been always ranked top on Google.

Our efficacy can be easily proved by the visbility we have achieved despite a keyword 'escort service in Vizag' or 'Visakhapatnam escort service' that are so hard and highly commercialized. We are self-assured you as a client will always leave the kindest testimonials after recieving our escort service and create a strong bond with our all india based escort network , not just to avail services, but to maintain a healthy biz relationship with us. Thank a lot, see you again. to know the whatsapp contact of the vizag escorts or the original social media contacts of the visakhapatnam escorts click here.

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