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Kolkata escorts : It's one of its kind pilot project by a team of experts


What is the definition of escort?

We have trisected the escort definition in three concepts. The latter being the most popular being in use for the most print and online issues in current days. The former is a more restricted but legally healthy term under the umbrella of ‘social’ escort. Another distant definition which is strongly connected to tourism, culture and cuisine promotion of a respective place. Why are there no clear definitions online yet? Google’s term We tried to ask Google knowledge graph about it and it answered ‘people who provide adult services’. But that did n’t make us happy as when we asked Google about tour escort as a profession ,it was unable to find it which proves Google has a limited data on vocational stratification and their definitions can be often incomplete. The meaning within tourism sphere But again, in many places like this one [1] used the word in a single phrase and successfully connected it with tourism. We searched OECD and european federation of tourists guides association for a suitable interpretation, which clarify the meaning in some vague phrases. It tended to stick to a combined phrase ‘tour escort’ rather than ‘escort’. For clarification, we’d tell you, an Escort in the tourism field means simply the guide or caretaker who’s going to be with you from the arrival at the destination to seeing you off, managing your events, schedules and itinerary. But the salient feature of a tour escort is they’re always with a tour, not a single client. So we’re not that.[2] Most relevant interpretation Before going deep into the framework, it’s essential to percieve what we mean here by the term ‘escort’. There should not be any hemming and hawing about it. While we were searching to get an authoritative reference to define what service we’re gonna provide we found a miraculous peice of document by the Queensland Government in Australia where they detach the word ‘escort’ from any adult or illegitimate trade. They called it ‘social escort’ and allowed a smooth registration under liscnesing authority.[3] We’d come back with a greater article elucidating the concept in depth once we find more trustworthy resources. An attempt to relate to the Indian context In the central board of indirect tax and customs, there is a comprehensible table of listed and approved services within India. Unfortunately, we could not find anything very close to a social escort. We even could n’t find a tour escort service, most related to our service could be tagged as ‘event management’.[4] It’s justifiable as India has just enetered into the servicing sector since 90’s NEP, professional typology is still under a gradual shift. []

So finally, what would we mean by Kolkata escort?

The first definition would be an escort is a person who meets people from a socialising context, giving company to a client to make better judgement. A wise assistance whether the client is shopping, street fooding, escorting to the events or simply attending a cultural festival. E.g You just landed in Kolkata and wanna taste some delicious food which must be ‘traditionally bengali’ , ‘classic’ and ‘worth your time’, if you’re not a native or did n’t spend considerable time staying in the city, here you’d be completely lost. An escort here can help in two ways, Guiding you to the right place for eateries and picking up the right cuisine suiting your palette. Conclusive definition Few things Google knowledge graph and all contents across the web got right. It’s mainly about companionship. You pay for a camaderie which is somehow exchanging information and turning time consumption into meaningful ways. Whether it is legit, adult, tourist to resident , resident to resident service it depends exclusively to the core corporate concept it offers. Escort is the ‘root’ word which can drastically change its meaning when juxtaposed with other words like, tour, social, adult, cultural or simply police[escorting].


2004-2018 graphs tell a story
2004 to 2018 kolkata escorts graph Indiatweets’ wanted to see, what the clients exactly see and experience when they google the term. To find out a large historical graph from as early as 2004 to the present day, gave us a stunning impression.

The trend is actually dying now, yup ! It shot up near 2006 when most of the people searched the query of ‘kolkata escorts’ but now it’s on an average ebb. When it was little unusual for us. After the ‘knowledge society’ campaign in India, internet has encorached in most of the urban, town and semi town lives since early 2006. Then we analysed couple of more factors. With the help of Moz tools, in a report we found, the people who search for such queries can not even spell it properly on the search engine, indicating the searchers are not themselves too familiar with the ‘concept’ or the term itself.

2011 to 2018 kolkata escorts graph

One of our team buddies, who is associated with hospitality and leisure activity industry based in southern Kolkata recollected how very few old sites ranking top in the SERP, dated back to 2006-08 , used to offer genuine escort service in kolkata .They exactly talked about social escorting, cultural exchange, legitimate encounters to show the clients around the city - sometimes the points of interests, sometimes the nightlife. It was not strictly secretive, cross gendered and something repugnant. We didn n’t have much chances other than believing him, wayback machine could n’t aid in this monitoring so we failed to fetch screenshots of some really old websites on offering local escort services. Anyone can use Google trends and check the oscillating vector which gives an idea about the usage and demand of this query over the last decade. [5]

On google who are the top providers?

After analysing the classifieds, forums, independent websites we found basically a substantial set of categories.most of them we failed to understand [ e.g, providing the service through skype or whatsapp? No real intercation, you’re not kidding me, right? ] , some really made some sense. Graphic violation and irrelevant content The most discernible thing you’d find when you’d research the term yourself is the ‘graphic violation’. The content and the graphic really don’t match sometimes and can bring a very allusive connotation. Sites like Locanto or skokka who have made a huge impact in terms of jobs, beauty parlours and spa, even job queries have alo taken over the first few ranks in the SERP. Under these father figure, infinite small groups are advertising indiscreetely , posting ads with fake and vulgar images and again spoiling the reputation of an alternatively sane meaning of ‘escort’. The content can be worse in the classified breaking the rules of Google’s adveritisng policies and autocomplete alogorithm. You’ve guessed it right so we won’t strech it further.

Agencies vs independent.
After the classified, there are websites with each of them roughly containing 10-25 pages. Every page has same meta description, titles and h1 tags. All pages talk more or less the same thing. The pictures they’ve posted are not their original and borroed from Google Images. Some claim they are agencies. Some claim they’re a single person providing the service. But it really does n’t matter as long as all display the same monotonous content which is repetitive, ambigous and fishy in aesthetics.

Agencies never have their official addresses or at least a courtesy to put a page calling ‘about us’. There is no genuine review or testimony page where clients came back and reviewed their service.Who are these agencies , where exactly they’re based in Kolkata and from where they outsource their employees : no lucid description is cited.

Independent portfolio would never have a linkedIn profile. Hilariously, often their profile names are identitcal to the website domain names. No personal picture, no activities in their social medias.

The dark side

Indiatweets’ digged a little bit and went through a decent research to find out the conncetions between these top websites on escorts and the ground reality in the city. The NDA government banned 200 so called ‘escorts’ websites and again in June, 2016 , the number reflected as 240 in some other news portals.[6] The list had websites with identicl domain patterns , mostly they were after individual names , giving a look of freelancer independent profiles what we often see for photographers and fashion personalities. From a reputed print media, we got a local news published online on 2017 regarding the calcutta Hight Court order. Two guys from salt lake allegedly running “escort site”[7] had extorted lakhs of rupees from their client. His petition finally persuaded the judge of the high court to take strict actions against such sites and deliver something else which is not legit in the nation. In another broader article, we’d like to discuss the direct relation between such sites and IT act 69A.

The classifieds and the Google itself are not caring much until unless the state or central administration take some legal action.While monitoring this phrase for last 9 months we noticed a frequent fluctuate in the SERP ranking which means Rank Brain and basic algorithm can not certify their credibility and eligibility to rank with the laws of statistics. The sites internally law security hints to the darker side of their commercial intention.

The Future
The latest news 2018

What happens to a sophisticated theme when it falls in the hands of swarming web developers or the delinquent agencies themselves. It’s life ends there ! It’s not the fault of Knowledge Graph or LSI. When the millions of untrustworthy identical information loiter around selectively targetted keywords for a decade, any search engine is bound to change its route. The additional woe aggravate the issue when users don’t know what they want, what they’re typing on net and where they’re clicking.

Why a reformation is needed now

The top 10 results on Goggle simply don’t match the standard quality. The service is not specified, illustrated elaborately and what exactly they mean when they say they provide as a delectable is never fixed. They can offer just ‘time’, ‘companionship’, ‘dining experience’ or may be ‘event assistance’ but don’t spend enough time to describe and conceptualize them on words.

When all content seem to follow the same patterns, how to differentiate between their quality and exclusiveness? No wonder, first 100 results on Google all share the same model of marketing their service and hardly any diversity can be noted.

Globalisation is changing the market need and the consumerist behavior. People who’re looking for an escort provision, their class and certainty can be stratified into several types. As we mentioned before , ‘escort’ is just a root word, it can tranform its meaning depending on the suffix or prefix words. 2018 is the age of tripadvisor and lonelyplanet, eventshigh and bookmyshow, emerging youth and the urban economically engaged people are getting liberal, transforming and more flexibly dominating while choosing a product or service. Be it a group, family or personal service, they’re ready to experiment.

From the client side

Clients want to know what they’re getting while spending , who’re the people they are interacting with. does the service really bear some distinction ? We can guess, around 2004 when Google search engines had just taken over yahoo and msn , search queries were not that well configured.Those days the first ever content regarding escorts were fresh and relatively new in India. We can easily guess the type of users who queried the term ‘escort’.

Who are we?

We are basically bloggers, since 2016 we’re producing insightul article on travel, food, culture and demographical diversity across the country. We’re also into the field of analytics and marketting so here our work is to analyse, compare and filter the ‘best of its kind’ service providers who are genuine, reliable and in the local market for atleast a decade.

So, we’re not the agency itself who directly hire the escorts to cater a service , rather outsource wisely. We have more than ten agencies with an expanding database from where we choose the right one tallying your activity wishlist.

Who are our clients?

Look into the following cases and see if you fit well inside.

Scenario 01 : the curious client
your background:
You're into job or the free happy bird: self-employed.
Your stays
You're often here and book a decent hotel or live at your friends. You're curious about Kolkata. You're not a travel geek and have no idea about the history or cultural background of the city. But few words you already know , 'bong food and beauty', 'The british Central kolkata and its amazingly vibrant pop cullture in Park Street’, or simply ‘the famous yellow taxy ride’. That’s enough, it makes you eligible to declare you as our client. You discuss your curiosity with us and we’d make an excellent planner for you. You will get a surpise bunch of activities for the next couple of hours with a sent escort who would be thoroughly accompanying you during each thrilling discovery.

Scenerio 02: The experienced client

Your background: You come from a pretty much settled economic class. You know how to earn and love to spend for your ‘passion instincts’. Your passion: You love travelling, exploring and make it like a native.

We’d have the most fun colllaborating with you. Being into cultural expedition for last 5 years, we know what a veteran traveller look for in a non-native city. Indiatweets’ supposes, it’s not your first trip in Kolkata. You know pretty much decently about the city, its culture, traffic and streets, its pro’s and con’s. You’re already aware about the street foods like ‘kathi rolls’ and ‘hilsa festivals’ , watched couple of regional movies of Jeet and Dev, attended the Durga Visarjan in ganges during Vijayadasami. But the city attracts you ever after. If your all resources have been exhausted, recall us. We can create a fantastic schedule for you and a highly experienced and competent escort would be sent to assist you in this cultural or gourmet excursion.

Scenario 03 : The blase client

Your background:

You’re in Kolkata for a corporate meeting. You own your business entity and might be in a dignified position in the firm. It can be your first visit, but you’d prefer if Kolkata has always been in your annual corporate visit, it seems you know the city and always have been warm hearted about the street, If you can feel very familiar with these personalities and find yourself as one of them, don’t heistate to contact further Indiatweets’. It exactly knows the right way to cater the best servicing experience without any mess and stint of confusion.


People who are looking for something other than we mentioned in our well comprehensive article ! We’d not change our manifesto, if you have landed on our page accidentally, you’re welcome to exit at any time. Our clientelle are well filtered, reserved and confident people who know what they want. If you don’t respect the city, its people and the colorful cultural fabric probably our escorts would not feel comfortable with you.

Request to the clients

We’re 21st century bloggers so gender blind. We can hire escorts across the gender spectrum. They can be male, female or transgender or simply undeclared. We don’t prefer someone over the other based on their faith, caste or creed. The single thing matters to us is : Our contractors should be die-heart Calcuttians. But you’ve a priority you could discuss with us.

It is a pilot project, we have a lot of human resourcing coming directly from Kolkata itself ,so it’s much easier for us to perform par exellence there. We can take care of the situation and act promptly when emergency reason stoops down if any. Our main concern is to analyse the market and make a safer space within to deliver you what we promise. Your synergy is highly anticipated.

Our working hours is restricted within eight to eight’o clock i.e 08:00-20:00 IST.

If you can give us hope and affection over time, we would prove to be more deligent at our job and get the courage to extend the opening hours. We know a gorguous metropolis like Kolkata would bloom to its most urban elegance only after the sun sets in east. There are most oppoturnity to go for son-et-lumiere show, candle light seatings, trance house music concert and so on.

Who are our escorts?

Before we start to explain the eligibility and exellence of the great people you’re going to spend time with , we need to admit , they’re more like friends to us than mere employees. We share lot of personal and social interests which finally bridged the gap and connected us to start an entrepreneurship. So, you could guess, they’re not machine like hyper professional people who always have eyes on their watches and bore you more than assisting so you can get rid of them quickly. We won’t make you feel embarrassed to hire them for couple of hours and you are noway going to feel awkward with them. It highly depends upon the vialibility but we’re strictly going to take care that they come more or less the same socio-economic background you hail from. They can be self employed, managing similar event management and public relation departments or might be a blogger himself/herself.

Our first priorities would be all set to check their language and etiquette proficiency. We’ll make sure they speak fluent bengali and English , if additionally they can speak your langugae like hindi or tamil, that’d be great for both of us.A pleasurable and efficient communication is required for any successful commercial meeting.

We’d assort the profiles according to their basic knowledge about most common streets, restaurants and hotels. None of them who are meeting you would be unaware of where to shop cheap or ritzy, where to get best street food or luxury calm dining or which are the best happening events/shows running in this week. A kolkata escort is obviously a hardcore calcuttian first and we picked them up because they love delivering more surprising bites from their city madness.

designated escorts We care for people with disability and old age. If you’re a senior citizen and want to roam around the city with faith and safety, call one of our escort friends. We can realise your need at the moment , where and how you wanna plan a courteous meeting and send a helping hand accordingly.

People with disability have every right to move freely around the city and get a joyous and eventful stay. If you’re on a solo trip and need a physical assistance just ring us.

Earmarks of our service

We as event escort manager

We keep a close watch on upcoming events be it music concerts by music legend Suman , candle night dinners in river cruises at Babughat or stand up comedy shows within hotel premises. An escort on the behalf of Indiatweets’ would know the event schedule and local address scrupulously. He will know which time to meet you, which conveyence to use as per your comfort and how to assist you in any ongoing event.

Attending an event for the first time can be little edgy, specially when you don’t know how the most well known events are currently taking place in the city. You can even get a date and venue idea but being a stranger, you might hesitate to approach on your own. We can arrange everything at this point. From booking a show to dispatching the attendant at your place to pick you up and throughout the event rightly guide you with safe and poised environment, Indiatweets’ would take care of everything.

Profit for not-fot-profit goals

Why are we charging?

Lot of readers by now might be thinking, if you guys are into promotion of resorting, pleasure travels and looking forward towards creating a more synthetic and vibrant India, why came to commercialization of your expertise?

Here’s the answer. We’re working in such a field which is vast, highly intricate and coss-sectional and it does n’t only consume time and human zeal but also curency. As of now, we’re self-financing ourselves and got a massive response from the internet. Our several articles, facebook pages and quora interaction generate a lot of organic traffic. But if we wanna take it to the next level, we must at some point commercialize it.

These money what you’re paying would definitely go into creation of more social media intercation, meaningful and productive videos, pieces of articles and awareness campaigning not for Kolkata but for over all India. We wanna keep ourselves far away from sponsporship and paid ads so, your interests in taking our service can really boost our coming blueprint and take it to the next level.

This month’s meeting

Have a luxury dining in any of the posh restaurants within 5 star hotel premises . We have a demo displayed below with genuine photographs of the venues. You can choose any restaurants you wish to dine in . Our escorts would be polite and attentive to your choice of cuisine and decide the best assorted platters of that respective restaurant.

It would be a great start if you wish to go through a trial service with us.

Read our older story of January, 2018

Such an overly underestimated and often tabood word is kolkata escorts or any escort in pan-India, we'd give you a thorough a to z information about this industry and how it works. How Google and India handled this messy keyword over the last decade. we're also on a pilot project to provide elite consultancy service for your most out of the box experience while interacting with a calcuttian attendant..we have immense experience as bloggers and close monitors of this every changing demand and supply pattern in this human resource based service sector in indian domestic tourism.

which you can truly inherit what this city holds deep down in its roots is by the use of an escort, as you shall encounter such unknown but magnificent places with such culture and history only by simply seeing this city through the eyes of an "escort". IndiaTweets gives anyone an abysmal idea of the city and so suggests to hire Kolkata Escorts while travelling through this city. Kolkata has its own nightlife and various bars, clubs, and hotels if you are a party lover. The main reason why hiring escort or a tourist attendant is a great idea because these Kolkata escorts know the city, the cultural icons and hotels more transparently and more deeply than anybody else and

they are acknowledged to the rawest yet the truest form of any city and have a different but significant way of going around the city than anyone could ever look at the city as.  

Hiring the Kolkata Escorts shall be a better option as it would actually make your trip's experience level reach a notch higher as then you shall see this city not only by it's known clinquant places that most people see but also shall make you experience this city in its rawness that most people often never get to experience. And the city of Kolkata is a daily festival of human existence - noble and squalid, cultured and desperate. This city has so much in itself that shall bind you by its magic. The intellect, the art, and such cultural festivals that it holds are what makes this city a "perfect tourist destination".

Enjoy the Traditional foods of Kolkata with the help of Kolkata Escorts

If you are a foodie then the city of Kolkata will serve you better. There are a lot of mouth- watering, delicious dishes for which Kolkata is popular.  You can spare some time after meeting your business clients. If you travel to Kolkata and do not try the popular foods and dishes of Kolkata, then your tour will not be considered as completed. Kolkata sweets are already very famous all over India and the indispensible taste of Kolkata biriyani.You must have tried the famous Bengali sweets, right? Roshogulla, Mohan Bhog, Bhapa Doi, Lobongo Latika, Malai Chom Chom, Pati Shapta, Chanar Jeelapi, Raja Bhog, and more.. Vivekananda Park is famous for the Puchkawallas.  Maharaja Chaat Centre and South Avenue are the famous places here. But do you think you might find out these places on your own?? You are new to the city, So Kolkata Escorts will serve you better. They have complete knowledge about all dine-in places, the popular food dishes, the best restaurants, and hotels. They are very well aware of the local places and famous dishes of the local places of the city. You can try some famous dishes at some restaurants on the recommendation of IndiaTweets or of your own choice. For fine Dining, the famous places are Dum Pukht, Peshawri, Eden Pavilion, Oh Calcutta! etc. For Local cuisine, Arslan, Aaheli, 6 Ballygunge Place and Kasturi Restuarant are the best ones. Read on Kolkata classic restaurants.

Apart from the famous Roshogullas, Puchhkaas there is something more which adds to the beauty of the marvellous city. The films festivals, music events, and the special music feasts. If you are a music lover and want to explore the music life and cultural festivals of Kolkata then, the Kolkata Escorts will take you to the ongoing film festivals. They are local to the place and have all the necessary information about the ongoing events of the city. Are you a Shopaholic? Who does not love Shopping? If you have a business meeting to attend but don't have the much needed formal attire don't Worry! Kolkata Escorts will take you to the famous malls and shopping hubs of Kolkata. They will help you in your shopping as no one knows the products price and quality better than them. They make sure that you don't get cheated by some cunning shop owners and you get what you pay for! They have the knowledge of the best departmental stores nearby your hotel so that you don't face the trouble. You can try out and shop for the aromatic perfumes or a corporate attire for next day meeting from Kolkata. So, now if you are with the Kolkata Escorts you need not worry what to buy and where to buy from !

  Indiatweets wishes for anyone who travels to a new city to explore and to have a lifetime experience. So it is suggested to hire an escort to guide you through the city as no one can be better at this job. The major crux as for why hiring Kolkata Escorts shall be a better idea than travelling alone as an escort shall provide you a better in-depth idea and experience of travelling when you visit Kolkata. Kolkata because held such a significance in the colonial rule is so a blend of the Indian culture and the evanescent British culture and this sometimes goes as obsolete.

When anyone travels and explore around the city with an escort, they get to learn so many new hidden facts about the places and about the culture and you would actually miss very easily. Because they have seen this city every day in their life and have travelled around the same place so much, no one else than them can make you absorb the true essence of this city. Even your travelling experience actually gets much easier as they are better at communication with the local people and so shall help you.

Kolkata Escorts are very fluent in the local lingua-franca is that Bengali and hence shall make any sort of conversation with the locals very easily. Now because they belong to the same city and have also dwelled for many years there, they shall have a better cultural and artistic ideas and so shall introduce you so well to the new city. They definitely shall have a better fashion sense regarding as what kind of clothes or what kind of attire shall reflect truly the art and culture of the city of Kolkata. Except the red-bordered saree that most people know is so enthusiastically worn in Kolkata, they shall make you get acknowledged for what else is a part of the grand culture of the city. The best part about hiring the Kolkata Escorts to make your travel experience so much better while traveling through the city is that like you, they also are great travel freaks. The Kolkata Escorts also hold that same curiosity and keenness to know a culture, to know a city in an unfathomable, subaqueous way. They just like you want to explore new places and know more and more about the city in a more in-depth way.

Each place you travel to with them, they shall provide you with the knowledge of the history of that place, the particular culture and the traditions that are existing in that place or used to be. They can even help you get some discounts and can help you with situations where you are being charged extra for no reason. they make you see this city in a way that you possibly alone would not. They also shall help you get to acknowledge the city and know it in a way so deep, you shall be aphorized with this feeling of contentment and the answers that you shall receive to your curiosity.
The city usually gets adorned by the great walls, developed monuments, well-built roads, such huge buildings that attract the most tourists possibly but if anybody who travels not just for the sake of travelling but to actually explore a new place and know about its true cultural , traditional and historical existence, they realise the fact that what rawness the city holds is actually a crucial

thing to get experienced to in order to know the city more deeply and in a better way. Because the Kolkata Escorts shares the same feeling of that curiosity and the urge to know a place and explore it in new ways, they focus on that rawness and the obsolete things that make the city what it is today. So having the Kolkata Escorts that can help actually help you to travel around Kolkata seems a perfect idea.

A dash of historya culture hunter ? read kolkata streets

Any day, now when you are planning to travel to take a break or explore some new place or pacify your keenness and wish to travel more and more, the next place Indiatweets suggests is Kolkata, undoubtedly because it is the old, glorious and majestic city in West Bengal. And so we tell you why! Formerly Calcutta, Kolkata is the capital of India's West Bengal state. The city holds such ancient important history in its roots. It was founded as an East India Company trading post back when the colonial rule existed and later it was India's capital under the British Raj from 1773–1911. And today it’s known for its grand colonial architecture, art galleries, and various cultural festivals.  

It’s also the home to Mother House and headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity which was founded by Mother Teresa herself, whose tomb is on site and keeps her alive in memories forever. Kolkata is also on the list of people who are the true travel freaks and love to explore places and traditions. Even if you are on a business meeting with your clients or an Official visit to Kolkata you can take out some time to explore the breathtaking beauty of the city. They consider Kolkata as one of the best places to spend your holidays and leisure time from work.  

What is it that this city can't offer you? What shall be those places that shall make you awestruck? Every place in Kolkata has so much to offer and holds so much of cultural in-depth that it truly glorifies its history of being a 350-year- old metropolis. It is actually the 2nd biggest city with a literacy rate of 87.14% and is a perfect blend of culture, art, and intellect. The main places of attraction in Kolkata are Sunderbans, Victoria Memorial, Dakshineshwar Temple, the famous Howrah bridge, Eden Gardens, Aquatica, Princep Ghat, Vidyasagar Setu, Birla Mandir and so many other attractive spots. All these places shall be offering you the true essence of this grand city.

We don't entertain anything outlawed and prohibited. Being proposed with any degraded offers our escorts are free to take appropriate action.
Our timings are fixed. connectivity would be not possible after 8 pm.
It's a pilot project. Your due assistance is encouraged.

Be polite and an enthusiast.
You can be of any gender but we believe in a gender-neurtal friendly, enviornment.
Respect the places you visit with our escort. Be it a cultural place, music festival or a restaurant.