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Punjabi tadka thrives in mumbai: 5 Top RestaurantsAneesha Kocchar

Punjabi food and Mumbai as a combination is laughable to most. Let me tell you how WRONG you are. I don’t just have words, I have proof of lip smacking Punjabi food in Mumbai that I have devoured almost every week. Why? Because there is no other cuisine like Punjabi cuisine! The spices, the tadkas, the butter and everything over the top that makes the food even more irresistible. I would’ve fled Mumbai long back if it failed me with Punjabi food. Not only did it pass as per my standards, it came out victorious with flying colors! You don’t believe me, do you? I don’t blame you because you are unaware of all the Punjabi delicacies I’ve been relishing here in Mumbai. Let me tell you where you can go and hog away to glory.

1. Pratap The Dhaba, Andheri West

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Hearing the word Dhaba should get all that zing swirling in your head. You would want to rush just hearing this word that you’ve been wanting to for so long. To tell you the truth, it is not only the name. This incredible restaurant, serving every Punjabi dish is located in Oshiwara, Andheri West. Ways to reach there? Fly baby, fly because the aroma will carry you right in. You will not be able to leave the place without trying almost everything and satiating those taste buds to your heart’s content. I won’t blame you but you’ll thank me!

2. Pal’s Fish Corner, Bandra West

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Yes, the name has all the truth in it. When it comes to unbelievably perfect Punjabi cuisine, Pal’s is your pal. It is a small place located in a small street in Linking Road, Bandra. Don’t go by the size of it because your appetite better be big! From the butter chickens to stuffed kulchas and dal tadka, there is everything that will get you salivating and wanting more. I can never get over this place. I can say this is the best place in the whole of Mumbai for your Punjabi cuisine needs. Owned by a sardar, you can figure it out yourself. They just can’t go wrong with it! It is open till quite late. So for all of you who want to step out in the night just to kill your hunger pangs, head straight to Pal’s for the butter naan and tandoori chicken.

3. Peshawari at ITC Maratha

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The ‘P’ is just not leaving this list, is it? The next up is for those who have loaded pockets because now we are talking five star! ITC Maratha is located in Andheri East, very near to the airport. So if you land in Mumbai and are craving Punjabi food, you know where to go. Don’t tell me I didn’t tell you! It isn’t very easy on the pocket but the food is worth a billion bucks and you’ll not mind spending on the amazing cuisine here. You’re going to be back again and again. Make sure you go way before you’re hungry because you can’t even imagine the number of people waiting in line to get in. It takes one to two hours to get in on weekends! The dal Bukhara is nationally famous in all ITC chains. Have some stuffed kulcha to go with it and you’re sorted. Authentic Punjabi couldn’t get better and classier than this!

4. Bhagat Tarachand, Kalbadevi

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The name will make you curious. Of course, you’d want to step in and end your curiosity with some amazing vegetarian meals! For all you vegetarians out there, this is the place for you, if you seek Punjabi food in Mumbai. This is located in Zaveri Bazaar, which is a lot like Delhi’s Chandni Chowk. They serve thaali’s also for all of you who have a big appetite. Along with your lip smacking food, don’t forget to order katchi beer. That wasn’t a typo! Katchi beer exists and it’s the most unique way of serving buttermilk. Confused? They serve buttermilk in beer bottles! Isn’t that awesome? Simplicity and taste. You can’t miss it.

5. Mini Punjab, Worli

Quite close to Pal’s, so they’re actually always competing! Who serves better prawns and who can do better butter chicken. Honestly, I love both. There’s no way you can miss the spicy prawns here. Also, really amazing is the chhole bhature. Mini Punjab is also open until late so you can make yourself and your cravings comfortable. The stuffed parathas and the saags. I can’t wait now. After knowing all of this, can you?

After listing down all of these for you, I can’t stop drooling and wanting to just head to one of these right away. Actually, I can! Because I am in Mumbai. So let me pick one of these places to go to. After reading all of this, am sure you now have a good idea about the coexistence of Mumbai and Punjabi food! So next time you’re in Mumbai, stop cribbing about missing Punjabi food. Just head to one of these. I am about to go enjoy Dal Tadka and garlic Naan in Pal’s I think. See you soon!