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5 street foods you must try in MumbaiAneesha Kochhar

We’ve all heard of Vada Pav and Golas of Mumbai. Yes, we have tried them too and we absolutely love the scrumptious grub. For those who haven’t tried it yet, you must live under a rock! Well, let me give you the benefit of doubt. Maybe you haven’t visited Mumbai yet. Believe me, after reading this piece you won’t be able to resist and your taste buds will not let you stay away from all of these delicious street foods of Mumbai. They are savory and will be very light on the pocket. Your tummy will be full, your pocket less than half empty and your mind will be in a state of a complete trance, because foodgasm! For a foodie like me, there is absolutely no time to waste. So, let’s go!

1. Pav Bhaji

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Yes, you have had it umpteen number of times everywhere you go. Every city in this country offers Pav Bhaji but none can duplicate the taste of Mumbai Pav Bhaji. You haven’t had Pav Bhaji until you’ve had the Pav Bhaji at Amar Juice Center in Juhu! It is quite famous and I have tasted almost all of Mumbai’s Pav Bhaji but nothing can beat this place. A close second would be Sardar’s which is walkable from Mumbai Central Station. The simple Pav Bhaji is not the only thing to salivate about. If you are a cheese lover, you can go in for Cheese Pav Bhaji too! The spicy, cheese topped bhaji teamed with butter loaded Pav is the perfect concoction for happiness! If you’ve not had it, you are clearly missing out.

2. Pani Puri

Famously called Gol Gappa in Delhi and Puchka in Kolkata, nothing compares to the Pani Puri of Mumbai! A famous ‘chaat’ item and a big craze among Mumbaikars, Pani Puri has spread its taste far and wide. Every corner of Mumbai will serve you this mouth-watering specialty. The amazing ‘imli ki chutney’ and the ‘masala paani’ along with different fillings in the puri is just irresistible. I forget all about my clothes or hands getting stained with the dripping masala paani because I get so very lost in the flavorsome meal. It is time for you to grab one plate and start gorging. I can eat a whopping thirty at a time. How many can you? I bet you won’t be able to stop too. Pro tip: Do not miss out on Elco Market Paani Puri Centre, please! One of the oldest and undoubtedly the best. Thank me later.

3. Kulfi Falooda

Well, I just couldn’t resist mentioning the most famous dessert of Mumbai! I call it the street dessert because it is abundantly available everywhere. Whether you go to Juhu beach or Girgaum Chowpatty in Marine Lines, the places are laced with Kulfi Falooda vendors and you can be really spoilt for choice. So many flavors and combinations. You would want to eat them all at once. Let me make it easier for you. Skip everything and head to Baadshah at Crawford Market. There is absolutely no other like Baadshah when it comes to falooda. They give you a big portion every time which is value for money. The taste, you ask? Out of this world.

4. Frankie

A lot of people still wonder what a Frankie is. Most still call it a ‘roll’. No, it is not a roll. A Frankie is a Frankie. Period. How would you feel if I called you by someone else’s name? Now, see how emotional I got here? Because like a lot of people here in Mumbai, Frankie is my favorite too! The flour wraps filled with vegetables, eggs, chicken or meat. You choose the filling and the Frankie wala flips and rolls one for you in five minutes! The onions, the spices, the different sauces will have you on cloud nine. Tibb’s is undoubtedly the best Frankie ever. The branches are all over the place and you need to go to the nearest one right away to know what Frankie is! Next time, I bet you will never call it ‘just a roll’.

5. Bhel Puri

The best snack when you’re on the go. Onions and tomatoes, tamarind and potatoes, coriander leaves, chilies, the spices, the works! It is a mixture of everything, confusing your taste buds in a very pleasant way! All the beaches here will offer you Bhel Puri. Whether it is Juhu or Girgaum chowpatty, there is not dearth of Bhel Puri walas there. Stalls and stalls of Bhel Puri await your presence and your mouth will water incessantly at just the sight and aroma of Bhel Puri. Only when you taste Mumbai Bhel Puri will you know what you’ve been missing all your life. You will get addicted, I warn you. You might end up having it every single day. I’m not complaining! Go, get one. With many many more to come.

These top five street foods I just told you about are not to be missed. You might feel that these foods are available everywhere and it is no big deal but let me tell you, it IS a big deal. The taste of these foods in Mumbai is something else and you will not know what am saying until you’ve found out for yourself. Once you do, you’ll probably be the one raving about them back to me! So, when you are here, don’t just go for the Vada Pav and Golas. Other than these two delicious meals, there is much more in the street food section that Mumbai has to offer. Now that you know where to eat what, go try them out now.

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