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- " it is quite difficult to fancy that on the southwestern side of our country, there is a land of turbulent lakes and infinite folk culture; a land where there is a melange of multiples cultures viz, 15th century Portuguese and the Chinese, from Syrian judeo-christian missionaries of early Christian era to 17th century Dutch spice seekers. it is a land of fish nets, forts and folk dance. it is a land of of lip smacking marine food and beef. it is a treasure trove of tea, coffee and spices. it is land of virgin azure coast(Kollam) and verdant spice-scented hills(Wayanad). it is really unprecedented. not only in kochi, but any part of Kerala, or any part of the world, travel is a matter of meticulous care, industrious scrutiny, love, passion (wanderlust) and above all an infallible planning. the last criteria is especially coming true for a modern woman who is earning, spending, saving, planning, teaching her offspring how to cope and love while travelling, purchasing small equipment to facilitate her journey through jungles and hills, and who is parceling from her busy schedule some precious slots in which she can liberate her feelings and worship her loneliness or restore her relationship with other colleagues and family. a 21st century woman(and off course man). below we tried to enumerate a list of prerogatives and dos and donts before you turn up in Kochi."

1. carry umbrella Always carry parasols for yourself and your family. not only Kochi but the entire Malabar belt and beyond, it is a land of copious rain. especially if are heading towards Munnar from Ernakulam which is often the case, you might come across a trying time, where you are in a stalemate in the hilly region, finding yourself with your children shivering with rain and cold. rain is really unpredictable in Kochi. and also if possible carry a number of raincoats for all the travelers. if you can not manage to buy out at home then you must buy after landing there.

2. Sunscreens and flipflops though humid and windy at times, Kochi during the period between May to September is sulky and hot. you may burn your skin and brine water of sea would also tan your skin. so also carry the clay pack most commensurate to your skin type, after consulting a dermatologist. before venturing out in the open apply a generous amount of sunscreen. in the verdant green plantations and trekking places it is more cozy to sneak in flipflops.

3. Use GPRS service etc now a days whenever the youngsters and the young-minded people go out for a vacation, they have been quite addicted to some electronic gadgets some of which are recommendable for serving some positive purposes. such i-pod, speaker, and a gprs trackers like Garmin. the last one is really an efficient companion in your travel, telling you everywhere you need to go and how to go. the distance and the time.

4. Medical Aid irregular supper is a regular corollary of every journey, culminating in have to suffer from upset stomach, headache, mild fever. in a light purse carry all the necessary tablets for any ailments that ensue. consult your family doctor for once it is a dire necessity.

5. Escorts in Kochi even with a GPRS and a meticulous planning, organising your sojourn in Kochi and around is a tough nut to crack. it needs years of experience and geographical sensibility. if you are trailing behind all these critical faculties, then Indiatweets for the first time brings for your an enormous delight and joy of carrying an escort who would be your indispensable companion during your ephemeral journey in Kochi and all over Kerala. a travel guide who would walk gracefully with you through the unspoiled sand beaches, show you the Chinese fish nets and Ashtamudi lake where the water flows turbulently, St George Ferona chruch and will accompany you seamlessly on a long drive to Chhitirapuram and Munnar bedecked with towering tea plantation. even to Thrissur and Guruvayur--a temple-studded town less than a hundred kilometre from Kochi. even to the impregnable scarcely inhabited Lakshadweeo, a sanctuary for divers. for the entire package click here.

6. Dress Appropriately around the world, there are hundreds of religious expressions, some religions are eminent for their renunciation and bashfulness while others religions are more ritualistic and still catholic. in India, and in Kochi there are numerous millenia old churches and centuries old mosques built by the earliest missionaries and their rigorous disciples for instance Cheraman juma masjid in Kondugallur, less than 50 km from Kochi, the first mosque built in India or St Thomas Catholic church in north eastern Kochi. an illustrated compendia here. wear appropriate dress so as not hurt the religious sentiments of others.

7. dont use racial barbs religion, community and racial norms and mores are sensitive elements. when you have gone over there, try not pass any crass remarks like any communal slurs as these might be incendiary. south Indian people are very proud of their culture and they should be and you too. otherwise why you are travelling???

8. local food an astonishing exotica Kerala is an immortal land of spices. a land whose lap is embedded with coffee, cinnamon, cashew, cloves and cardamom. a sea and creeks that are enriched with numerous fishes, crabs and prawn. and what not. yes. Karimeen. a prince of all princess.

10 places where you can try the local fare A-M

a. Loafer's corner Cafe
Loafer's corner cafe is established amidst all the quaint and curious looking Dutch style buildings accommodating cigar and curio shops, art galleries etc will parachute you into some distant magical land waving with sea shore. Sitting in this cafe would give you moments with your coziest friends, not a luxury nor a plush, it will push some puffs of history into your memory.....sipping cold coffee slush or watermelon breeze and having a generous vista of imposing bronze stucco walls of other buildings that have survived wears and tears of time.

b. Beach Inn
some steps away from the Vasco Da Gama street and Dutch Cemetery. Keralite-style prawn in mango curry would be assaulting and roving on your palate forever. Malabar and Travancore-style marine squids would stand out the crowds effortlessly. the roof-top bar can be quite an event when you are chilling over a mug of Alder. Presentation and the hospitality is just what the Keralites are famous for. they are quite the Beduins in that way.

c. The Drawing Room
while this historical establishment is quite frugal in alcoholic beverages, and quite generous in charging, bygone era could be your nearest dwelling evening if you happen to be at this place. wooden doors, creepy branches of tress bedecked with tiny non-sense Indian flowers. pandemonium of the sea would seep into your ears beneath the leafy windows. the owner is always on a welcoming note though sometimes you may find your waiters to be a little delaying in attending you....but this just nothing compared to the ethnicity and the utter delight in having charcoaled fish and sea foods on your platter garnished with slices of tomatoes which the Portuguese themselves centuries before. but the most enthralling is the fish baked inside a plastered case endowed with salt and egg. devour it with a portion of rice wattalappam.

d Brunton Boatyard
Dining is an indefatigable adventure while be with your husband and if you dont go across to Brunton Boatyard in Kochin, then it is not at all favourable. near to the Cochin ferry, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you are captured in melancholy with two mugs of of Englisg beer with peanuts. seafood is an accompaniment that may not want to abandon. a lagoon will face you. an iconic position. imaginative menus with grilled seafood topping the priorities of your palates.

e. Fusion Bay
spicy but not overpowering. pumpkin soup is a hearty starter. fish pollichathu is lip smacking if south indian taste is familiar to you. Mango lassi, try once the Malabar parota.

f. old harbour hotel resturant

it is quite crowded and happening for those who love to travel. so book as early as possible for a seat in the garden and appreciate the musical concert. food speciality is keralite sea food.. keralite sea food, lamb, beef, squirrel and jumbo prawn and smoked roasted crab and......wine and beer. it is also adorned with a swimming pool. in the evening you can sit in the quintessential garden lit with lantern. there are a slew of desserts and ice creams, caramelised fruits and almond cake. lambs and tuna steaks are really tender. but the prices are exorbitant and it is quite a lavish place as the prices of the food are exorbitant. but it is worth the cost. waiters are very friendly and attentive.

g. The Old Courtyard

established in the serene and quaint Princess street, in Fort Kochi, The Old Courtyard hotel is full of antiquarian wooden works, bedstead, staircase, mosquito nets with a nice embriodery, cloth horses, Belgian glasses mirrors and all the imposing and thought provoking Dutch architecture. you will frequently come across foreigners merrily sitting across the varanda having been gliding their time seeping from a glass of beer or mocktail. the whole ancient building is centred by a large courtyard which would slightly remind you of the larger courtyard of the pre-1949 warlord Chinese courtyard. there is an admixture of older style merging with the newer amenities. such a the french windows juxtaposed with the outdoor units of the split acs. the courtyard is always embellished with the harvest of the seasons...the flowers. this old property is often drenched in rain water...as you know when it rains in Kerala, it does not merely rain, it literally pours. the flower trellis are provisioned with frail parasols. when you are up in the morning the sunshine of Kochi would greet with its thousands of waves peeping and trickling through the fine curtains hanging from the windows. but you would still prefer to stash your face into the sweetly scented pillows. on the first floor, there is long corridors with sitting facilities, flanked with large windows bereft of grills. it looks like there is only a thinly veiled smokescreen between reality and the buried past.

h. The Eighth Bastion

if an uncynical person like me utters that it is an unprecedented symbiosis of elegance with heritage, with state-of-the-art presentation with quaint architecture, with a waterside respite and breathtaking freshness of marine gourmet, a beautiful farrago between 19th century european vintage style and 21st century European technological supremacy, perhaps he would not be too far from reality. not far from the sea and a waling distance from the celebrated historical Chinese Net. and a bounty of sea food with a juxtaposition of Keralite vegetarian fare.

i. Les 3 Elephants Cherai Beach

this place is a detour in the list of ten. little expensive, and not replete with the exhaustive menu list. but it is liberate you from all your mental burden and would offer you a tranquil place to relax. mosquito repellants and bug sprays are highly prescribed. it is highly pocket friendly as both ac and non-ac rooms are available. and the chef would prepare food for you individually and foods are tasty though no-vegetarian platter is not available. the manager is friendly and dedicated.. evening boating is a must would sail you to fishing net. you can rest there and it would be your best of time.

j. Chill Out Cafe Cherai Beach

it is really a beautiful place to hang on surrounded by prawn, margarita pizza, salad and burger. you can keralite pomfret curry and Keralite parotha. at the front in a wooden projection, dangling is a simply hand written paper which goes : you never know how many friends you have until you have a beach house and inside it is gullibly written: sorry!!! we are not accepting cards but significantly written: paytm is accepted!!! you will come across some of these stray writings along with a spectacular sea view. particularly the sunset is really a kickstart for your slumbering mood. garlic shrimp, octopus salad, imported ham and tuna tarter are all captivating including the onemanship of the owner Edi or Eduardo.

If you don't know what's called an escort this small lucid composition could give you a hint about it.

We have trisected the escort definition in three concepts. The latter being the most popular being in use for the most print and online issues in current days. The former is a more restricted but legally healthy term under the umbrella of ‘social’ escort. Another distant definition which is strongly connected to tourism, culture and cuisine promotion of a respective place. Why are there no clear definitions online yet?

Google’s term
We tried to ask Google knowledge graph about it and it answered ‘people who provide adult services’. But that did n’t make us happy as when we asked Google about tour escort as a profession ,it was unable to find it which proves Google has a limited data on vocational stratification and their definitions can be often incomplete. The meaning within tourism sphere But again, in many places like this one [1] used the word in a single phrase and successfully connected it with tourism. We searched OECD and european federation of tourists guides association for a suitable interpretation, which clarify the meaning in some vague phrases. It tended to stick to a combined phrase ‘tour escort’ rather than ‘escort’. For clarification, we’d tell you, an Escort in the tourism field means simply the guide or caretaker who’s going to be with you from the arrival at the destination to seeing you off, managing your events, schedules and itinerary. But the salient feature of a tour escort is they’re always with a tour, not a single client. So we’re not that.[2]

Most relevant interpretation
Before going deep into the framework, it’s essential to percieve what we mean here by the term ‘escort’. There should not be any hemming and hawing about it. While we were searching to get an authoritative reference to define what service we’re gonna provide we found a miraculous peice of document by the Queensland Government in Australia where they detach the word ‘escort’ from any adult or illegitimate trade. They called it ‘social escort’ and allowed a smooth registration under liscnesing authority.[3] We’d come back with a greater article elucidating the concept in depth once we find more trustworthy resources. An attempt to relate to the Indian context In the central board of indirect tax and customs, there is a comprehensible table of listed and approved services within India. Unfortunately, we could not find anything very close to a social escort. We even could n’t find a tour escort service, most related to our service could be tagged as ‘event management’.[4] It’s justifiable as India has just enetered into the servicing sector since 90’s NEP, professional typology is still under a gradual shift. []

So finally, what would we mean by Kochi escort?

The first definition would be an escort is a person who meets people from a socialising context, giving company to a client to make better judgement. A wise assistance whether the client is shopping, street fooding, escorting to the events or simply attending a cultural festival. E.g You just landed in Kolkata and wanna taste some delicious food which must be ‘traditionally malayali’ , ‘classic’ and ‘worth your time’, if you’re not a native or did n’t spend considerable time staying in the city, here you’d be completely lost. An escort here can help in two ways, Guiding you to the right place for eateries and picking up the right cuisine suiting your palette.

Conclusive definition
Few things Google knowledge graph and all contents across the web got right. It’s mainly about companionship. You pay for a camaderie which is somehow exchanging information and turning time consumption into meaningful ways. Whether it is legit, adult, tourist to resident , resident to resident service it depends exclusively to the core corporate concept it offers. Escort is the ‘root’ word which can drastically change its meaning when juxtaposed with other words like, tour, social, adult, cultural or simply police[escorting].