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A Life In A Metro : the new pilgrimage of JaipurTanmay Jain

Photo credit: Dainik bhaskar

The word metro means ' underground railway station ' was launched in the 19th century in London where around 30,000 traveller visited it on the first day.it was without roof top . After this because of technological advances soon the modification came and now they very new special features. The term metro in India was adopted for the first time in the year 1984 by our former honourable prime minister Indira Gandhi it was around 16 km line . After that came the Chennai metro which was inaugurated in the year 1995. Then came the Delhi metro which was the first modern metro it started in the year 2002 December and the ribbon cutting was done my Shri Atal Bihari vajpayee our former prime minister and was the incharge of the nation then. The year 2011 marked the year for Bengaluru metro , then after some year the pink city of Rajasthan got its first metro in the year 2015. It is 9.63 km line from mansarovar to chandpole bazar,this is the first metro in India to run on double storey elevated road and metro track. This project is under the ownership of JMRCL (Jaipur metro railway corporation limited). So in this article we will discuss about Jaipur metro. Jaipur the capital of Rajasthan became the sixth region in India to have the luxury of metro.

The first line of this metro was called the pink line remarking the popular name of the city. It was inaugurated by chief minister of the state Shri Vasundhra raje sindhia. The first phase of it is known as the Phase I-A which is completed in an area of 9.63 kilometres (5.98 mi) of route length, from which 0.95 kilometres (0.59 mi) is underground track and the rest 9.13 kilometres (5.67 mi) is elevated one. The remaining of the first line that is the Phase I-B which is 2.349 kilometres (1.460 mi) having 2 stations is scheduled to be completed by 2018. Another Phase known as the phase II which is 23.099 kilometres (14.353 mi) and has 20 stations has been planned to be completed by the year 2021. With the completion of the phases 1 and the phase II , the network will span 35.078 kilometres . It is a nine station line which includes Mansarovar, New Atish market,Vivek Vihar,Shyam Nagar , Ram Nagar, Civil lines, railway station,Sindhi camp and chandpole bazar being the last. It is four coach train . The ticket pricing is also kept as per standards to attract more visitors the price range for non peak hours is from as low as 6 to 17 rupees and for the peak hours the charges are from 11 to 23 rupees. The average turnaround in the Jaipur metro is approximately 19000 .Anothers also being in construction that is named as orange line whose route has not been decided .

Photo credit: Sid Atrography

With the metro it is much easier for the common people to travel to long distances, as everyone is aware with the summers of Jaipur city with hot scorching heat and over temperature it will be convenient fot the people to travel in AC couches of Jaipur Metro, it will advance the city and it will provide many facilities starting from comfortable travel to on time reach fully air conditioned weather and affordable travel. It is a complete package of reliability ,relaxblity and cheap price. It takes a person approx. 12 minutes to complete the journey in this 9 station line . The journey is doing good for citizen who have their offices,shops in the near metro area but those people whose offices are far from metro station couldn't get much benefit from this. The journey for a passenger is an easy one, firstly one needs to buy the tickets from the ticket counter which are allotted in every station and there is separate queue for men and women for women's safety and there is ample of counters to avoid the rush of people then, there is security check in the starting and the goods are checked in the X ray machine after this the tickets are scanned . After this the people wait for their metro to arrive usually it takes around 5 minutes for a train to arrive . Almost every passengers gets a seat and there special seat reservation for women and senior citizens . Lots of hoarding and boards are there for showing positive messages. Proper guide is there which instructs about the precautions to take in metro . Digital board to guide which station has come , announcement are also made to catch attention if a person is busy in some work.

So the metro journey which started from London in the 19th century slowly and gradually is spreading . Its inception in India was in Calcutta know known as Kolkata and then Chennai metro came after this Delhi ,Bengaluru and Gurgaon became the cities to add to journey then it came in the lovely city of vibarant colours and it's gaining its network to Ghaziabad and other cities. Its surely a boon for the nation.