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INDIATWEETS Gadget repair service

Hotel delivery pick & drop service for people who're flying and outstationed

Suppose, you and your sibling are in Munnar, on the top height of the Eravikulam Sanctuary, in a cloudy afternoon of July, and suddenly the rain set in. you are overladen with a rucksack and your sibling with a mini rucksack, but there is an i-pad in your sister's hands fr clicking quick shots whatever come in the way, nature or an endangered animal. as the rain started pouring in, as it is very normal and very frequent given the uncertain yet exotic weather of Kerala, what your sister could do was to hurriedly stash the i-pad into the little Canon T2-i camera bag that she carried. and you and your sister all the way ran helter-skelter down the valley, towards the bus-stand, where fortunately a bus already was waiting empty, having jettisoned new tourists. after going back to the Hotel, your sister is complaining that the i-pad is not working. what you need to do? it is already dark outside. it was not a supposition. such a situations are very very common while travelling. it can happen anywhere from Vasakhapatnam to Diu. here is the list of all the electricians who can present themselves at your doorsteps, from morning to night. because they care for you.

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