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If the travel enthusiasts prefer Kerala to have the sobriquets like 'god's own country or as Lord Curzon said in a laudatory expression, Venice of the east about Alappuzuha then these are not at all hyperbole. And the description that are given below would authenticate opinion.

Idyllic treasure
Mountain range with a quintessential wind, turbulent lake interpersed with a paraphernalia of canals and rippling backwaters and restful Arabian sea lashing at the Malabar coast---all make Kerala an iconic place to come repeatedly and tirelessly.

Historical largesse
Contact over a millennium overseas make Kerala a medley of cultural and religious symbols. Kerala is a land where Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism flourished harmoniously building religious communities which grew laterally and reveled and still revel on their festivals with equal glitters and joys without any inimical relations. Pepper and cashew are two products for which traders anchored their vessels and there was a regular trade relations between Akexandria, Genoa and Malabar coast. The centrestage was taken by pepper which became a popular trading item which as early as the first century of the Common Era were widely popular in the city of Rome and Egypt. As late as the 15th century, through the traders of Alexandria and the Levant reached the imperial tables of western europe.

In the glorious days of discovery, the portuguese traders came as merchant capitalists followed by the Dutch who collected pepper and other Dutch spices. Regular contacts with Islam and christianity, produced churches like Syro-Malabar Fornane church and mosques like Cheraman Jummah mosque.


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Way to Alleppey :

Kerala can be divided into two oarts. Nortern and southern, For our own convenience we have divided travelogue from South upto the North. First, we descended on the Thiruvananthapuram airport and took an affordable lodging near the renowned the light house beach. As a beach, it is eminent for its sparkling sand , adventure and idyllic beauty. Early sunrise view is normally recommended. Though as our schedule obliged us , we went over there in the evening. Taking a direct stroll first then sitting quietly, at a cozy resort, we fell quite snug and thoughtful while enjoying our mugs of eel with a lipsmacking platter for paraphernalia of sea foods. Beside there was numerous shacks, stalls , selling tits bitslike hats m dresses and even german bakerty. We would reccomend you to choose Sea Rock resort which is a resort cum bar. Swimming in the rushing sea water, climbing uo and down the light house, and other sea prits , assisted by the liv eguards are indispensible activities here.Apart from loght house beach, Thiruvannathapuram is famous for its Padmanabhi Swamy temple which is an exquisite assimilation of keralite am dtamil style architechture and it is bedecked with God Vishnu, One of the infatiguable attractions is Poovar backwater. An entire boat consisting of four to five seats would cost 2500. Though it varies from season to season. it oresents a purely natural site of a village called Poovar-Kovalam. Sammora beach offers you a proximity with nature, Varkala temple or Shree Janardana Swamy temple is a must visit - 2,000 years old temple.

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We took a 19:15 Thiruvananthapuram Rajdhani only to reach Alleppey at 21:30, in our AC1 coach we had had our dinner, comprising chapathi, one mix veg, climaxing with chicken , and rolling down with icea cream, yogurt , pickel and rice. For the night, we stayed , we Stayed at hotel Dasadanam, which is again a vintage resort in the lap of the backwater. Hotel Dasadanam is just 20 km away from Alleppey railway station, we elapsed our night which was rinsed with raining and woke up in the mroning by the clanking of the room phone reminding us of the complimentary buffet breakfast - pieces of bread with a crust of mapple syrup, omlette, Appam, Dosa, Idli, boiled egg built up our breakfast. No doubt, we had our heartful of nutrition and garnered our health boost for driving to the Alleppey beach, which is again 20 km from Dasadanam resort. Dasadanam is actually swanky residency, adorned with garden and vintage style cottages , full of world class facilities.It is birdered with the bank of Wembanad Lake and placed into the lush verdure of Kayepuram village. Alleppey beach only has only 1.2 km from the station. It would have been more prudent to hire a property near to the railway of Alappuzha, then we could have both effortlessly ventured towards the eacha nad thereafter a day's rest we could have gone for a boat ride. But it was too kate to percieve that. Alleppey is also pinpointed by a historic light house made under the aegis of Rama Verma, hailing from the ruling principality of Travancore during the late 19th century, to facilitate the roaring economy activities of the Dutch and Portuguese merchant. It is strongly recommeneded that you take an escort in Alleppey while touching different place, the main reason is thta here most of the people don't under Hindi. They only comprehend Malalylam and a bit of English. An escort service in alappuzha can help you eliminate the barrier of language. The second reason is beinga tourist city, the vendors and the transport dealer can ask exorbitant price from you. Alleppey escort is one of the safest options for you. How ever, we did not hire an escort an Alappuzha and we soon realised our mistake. We rectified mistake in Kochi. The houseboat we hired economically belongs to the premium quality. The overnight cost was 10,000 rupees excluding the taxes, the lunch and dinner was complimentary. We booked with one of the eminent booking agencies. This ensured a complimentary a watermelon juice as soon as we boarded. We were given a coup, air conditioned and facilitated with double occupancy bed , there was a valet and cook, 16 years old Malalyly boy on board who was looking quiet pre occupied with chopping the vegetables , steaming th lentils and preparing an Alleppey special marinade for the chicken.

If you're in a top notch star regency, then its even better to call our escort service in Alappuzha where the escort can reach at location within the earliest, to escort you to any place of interest you wanna visi, try local food and over all city's best locations. if you are a city vlogger , then also we have an exclusive escort package for your trip to Alappuzha. Come with us , select an escort from the vast range of collections, who either can be a local or a well settled Alappey person or may be an interntional visitor just like you who can both explore the city along with you. I know Indiamike or Tripadvisor is a better option, at the first glance, but our Alleppey escorts are already well trained and had personally appealed for recruitment through interviews and thorough background check. It was a day of July, occasionally rainy. In afternoon, the captain halted the boat for half and hour, in front of the fish market which was replet with Jumbo prawn, mussles and there you go - Karimeen ! this can be bought and you can get it cooked on board by shelling out an extra few hundred bucks. However, what i need not mention, seafoods across India are terribly costly.

So, we postponded for our future trip. At lunch, we began with Daal, tamoered with curry leaves, mixed veg, tampered with whole Urad daal, fried chicken , sizzled with Alleppey spice and that exotic Karimeen, shallow fried. As a food critic, what i notcied , is that they inject Kerala spices, blended with ginger-garlic paste into the incisions that they make on the body of the fish.

and then after a few hours of marination, they fry it with a few tablspoons of oil on both sides. After lunch, as is the norm, we had had a siesta upto 5 pm. At 5 pm. the cabon boy said to us , if we need anything in beverages, We ordered for a scotch. At night, the boat was peacefully anchored at one of the banks and we ordered for dinner.It was plain, simple and yet worth remembrance - rice, lentil soup that ahd been served to us in the afternoon a s well, the same mixed veg and chicken curry. The chicken curry was beyond expression. What we felt exotic was the addition of sauf or anise seed. Basically what drew our attention is that across the coastal strech, frommalabar to konkan, anise and star anise are generously and regularly used in diferent preparations of the chicken and fish, be it fry or curry.

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Anyhow, we were high on whiskey but still indulged in mindless carapusel and further drinking and was driven to drinking. Some of us were playing cards and smoking. Putisde, just within the grasp of our view it started to rain on lake. When we went to bed, I openend the window and though Lord Curzon , the infamed governor geeral of India, called it not without valid reason, the venice of the east.

No wonder then, the Puzha means watercourse or river while Alayam means home. History says that Alappuzha had commercial exchanges with Classical Greece and Rome as early as 40 AD, besides Kuttanad , one of Allappey's seven taluqas is the rice bowl of kerala. Cheras had their dominion in Alleppey from 9 to 12 century, the came the Portuguese who built the St. Andrew Basilica chruch to propagate roman catholicim , followed by the Dutch who made several factories and warehouses for storing ginger and pepper. During the Portuguese time, statistics say as much as two million kgs of pepper were yearly exported to cities like Genoa and Venice. In the 19th century m one kf the five subordinate courts was established in Mavelikkara by colonel George Munroe.

Alleppey museum

One of the interesting attractions for the tourists in Kerala or Alleppey is the coir museum. You have to take tickets for bother for entry and video recoridn.g its a workshop in which Coco coirs ingeniously transformed into beautiful talestries. Two tapestries hung on the bulb lit wall attracte dmy attention. There were of Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa, earlier the coco coirs were spun with hand, now they are accomplished with machine. Matts, talestries and different handicrafts were available , you would be able to do a comfortable shoppping with a budget of 5,000
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Alleppey beach
Alleppey beach present an enthralling coastline, by the time we arrived here, the sky was overlaiden with south westernly clouds, the sea water and the adjacent sand weresparkling white. We enjoyed our banan fritters , an exclusively road side lemon and ginger beverage, complimented with poppy seeds and artificial flavor and of course there was tapioca.

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thaft delicacy in Alleppey
we had a special Karimeen Pollichatu, fish cooked with a fleet of spices , wrapped with abann leaves, here I think, one or two sentences need to be written on banana wrapped fish.

Wrapping the fish with banana fish and steaming is a popular style along all the coastal cities in India, be it Calcutta or Surat, Malabar or Konkan. Most probably, cooking sea foods like pomfret, Karimeen or Hilsa with spices and steaming inside the banana leaves is a method that is thoroughly influenced by a distinct style of Indonesian archipelago, comprising Indonesia and Malasiya. One of such popular recipe is Ikan Bakar, in which skate fihs is marinate with turmeric and loads of chilli powder, gilengal and Balacan or shrimp paste and charcoal roasted or grilled , wrapped in banana leaves. Dining-with-Alleppey-escorts

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Other attractions in Alappuzha

Below are the other attractions of Alleppey

Chettykulagara Temple
Ambalapuzha temple
Manarshala temple
Arthunkal Church
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