Zakir Rose Garden, Chandigarh

A pantheon of roses or a boatnist's oasis? A homage to Dr. Randhawa

One mandatory stop for all the Anthophiles is Zakir Hussain’s Rose Garden in Chandigarh .Yes, The crazy flower lovers, and why not one should love them? Flowers enhance the beauty of a place and oh there fragrance…Well they just lighten up the mood, especially roses. The garden is packed with exquisite variety of flowers and many types and is considered among the largest gardens of Asia.

Zakir Hussain Rose Garden, located in sector-16, Chandigarh is spread over 30acres of land and has approximately 825 varieties of flowers and 32,500 variety of trees and medicinal plants. The garden was named after India’s former president, Zakir Hussain in 1967.

Not only roses it also has some medicinal plants which are of high value example Bel, Bhara,Campor and Yellow Gulmohar. All the trees and plants are designed tremendously, neatly displayed in lines and proper patterns. The flowers here are raised with love by expert and wise gardeners. Since the garden has many trees it is a home to various birds as well, Bird-watchers quiet often visit here.

It’s quiet easy to reach the garden because of it’s prominent location, i.e, center of the city, Sector-16, which can be accessible by almost any mode of vehicle from anywhere, be it two, three or four wheeler. The garden is open 24-hours and entry to the garden is free for all the age groups. The garden also has food stalls since it can be tiring to roam in such a big area. Also, neat and clean sanitation facilities are also there, seems like Chandigarh MC aims to make the visit to garden a memorable one. ( by Hook or by Crook) ;) It’s a perfect place to sit and relax amidst the nature in evenings. The soothing feeling of sitting among flowers with cool breeze is a pleasurable delight. One such stroll to the garden on weekends is a kick starter of motivation to work for rest of the week.

The usual scene of garden includes people of all age groups, Parents are either walking or jogging, Kids are playing games taking advantage of the lush green space. Couples are also be found here while teens are usally busy clicking selfies.

On weekends, the garden is usually filled with visitors there are entertainers in every corner and people of all age groups enjoy them. Some of them are doing dance, Mimicry or singing. There is not even a single dull moment. Especially during Rose Festival, It’s an annual 3-day fest organized in rose garden by Chandigarh MC in the mid of February where vast variety of roses are displayed. Not only this, various fashion and dance shows along with star nights and cultural shows are organized. Many competitions for kids, Newly Married couples and chefs are also there. The program usually attracts more than 10,000 people which includes visitors from foreign countries as well. It’s usually the best time for visit since good and pleasant weather acts like cherry on the cake.

Chandigarh Adminstration is doing it’s level best efforts to maintain the garden hence it’s our responsibility as well abide by the rules and not litter in rose garden, ensuring that other fellow humans also have the same pleasurable visit.

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