Topiary Park, Chandigarh: Delight of the nature lovers and a blue caller's ideal retreat


Being titled as the greenest city of the country, Chandigarh is undoubtedly an amazing place to be. Amidst the busy life, the city has its own natural heritage. The lush green lawns that provide serenity and calmness to the life of humans here are well-maintained and best efforts are put to keep them up to the mark. One such park is Topiary Park, located in sector-5, Panchkula near HAFED office. The park has bushes carved into shapes of animals such as a bears, elephants, giraffes etc., which are the reason of its charm. Not only this, the trees in the parks are well-kept and given unique shapes, special and skilled labor is specially appointed for park. The park is open to everyone on all days and there is no entry fee as such. Also, a park with the same name is located in Sector-35, Chandigarh with the same idea and concept opened in 1987. The Topiary Park in Panchkula Sector-5 is maintained by HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) while the one in Chandigarh is maintained by Chandigarh Adminstration. But, to preserve the beauty, same rules and regulations are applied to both of them, plucking of shrubs or flowers is not allowed and heavy fine is imposed on the person caught doing any kind of offensive act.
The concept of these parks is truly astonishing, both the parks are made with an idea to give a zoological experience to its visitors that’s why they have eye- captivating figures and rides which amuse all kinds of age groups. Oldies can be seen taking light strolls in evening while the kids play games and enjoy rides. The park has good seating facilities as well so the mothers of the kids can sit and keep an eye on them and tired people can sit back and relax, proper iron benches are fixed to the ground and also separate cute huts are made for groups.

In Panchkula, Sector-5 the park has an amazing sand pit where kids build their own sand castles and an open stage where you can get see various plays on social causes. Since the park is full of people of all age-groups during evening, it offers a great audience to the groups who want to present their plays and dances. Little vendors roam around selling toys such as plastic bat-balls, play phones and eatables such as ice-cream, Bhelpuri etc.

One can reach the Panchkula Garden by Car, Auto or Bus since it’s far from Chandigarh while on the other hand to reach garden in sector-35, Chandigarh auto,bus,car,Rickshaw anything can be chosen.

Best Time to visit the garden(s) is evening in summers (after6PM) and anytime in winters. Though sunset will always be the best time, as the chirping sparrows invade the garden looking for juicy grubs and shiny seeds. The soothing aroma will automatically refresh you.

Those who are nature lovers and look for a place to chill in evening and relax or for Morning dose of motivation, they’ll absolutely love this park.

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