7 Things Every Chandigarh Youngster Loves

1.5 Million people and one place they call home.....CHANDIGARHHHH !!

Also known as capital of Haryana and Punjab, Chandigarh is also known as "The City Beautiful" serves the best in education, food, refreshment and also has the best people all around from India, sort of cosmopolitan.

It's not only the most Planned city but also the Greenest city (according to government's survey).Hence Chandigarh is the only best city when compared to other cities like Delhi, Bombay, Chennai or even Mr.Modi ji's Ahmedabad.

The city is a paradise for retired people and a youngster’s hub. It's amazing weather, Lip-smacking cuisines, Pretty Girls, Gabru Jawans, Bullets and Jeeps, Religion Diversity all just add vibrancy to the place. The people here are more than lively, Enjoy great food, Party like there's no tomorrow and enjoy their booze like no other (because Punjabis, DUH!).

There is no match for the hospitality here by the springy Punjabi community will make you shake your leg to the beats of Bhangra......Burraaah!

Here are few reasons why Youngsters love Chandigarh that's one heck of a city.

1. Safe and Well-Planned City

Chandigarh is of one of the most safe and secure cities of India. The cops here are pretty much co-operative and even special Women cells are also opened in some areas. Parents usually don't worry while sending their children out because they know their kids will be safe. Girls can go out at any hour of the day without giving second thoughts whether are they safe or not. The city was designed by the French architect Le Corbusier and is made with ultimate perfection. All the roads are well connected and all the sectors are equipped with government schools and dispensaries. Chandigarh has it's own transportation system carrying 2-3Lakh passengers daily.

How much resources are saved through these noble facilities.

Just a food for thought.^

2. Cleanliness

There is quiet harmony is nature. The wide streets are covered by a canopy of trees. The city has parks in every sector which are so well-maintained that some unique locations like Rock Garden and Rose Garden are often used for blog-shoots by the young fashion bloggers. All these parks also act as pleasant date corners for lovers who meet after their busy tuitions.

Sukhna Lake is also a point used for recreation purposes. It's a manmade lake but has a story of it's own. Every individual is somehow attached to it in some way or the other. It's a constant companion for all the people from Loners to Lovebirds, from children to elders.

3. Energetic Vibe by the happening Crowd at Geri-Route

We at Chandigarh don't go for long drives we go for Gerhis. Also, there’s a special place for gerhis here, "Gerhi-Route" in Sector-10 near DAV College where boys have fancy surplus budget for modification of cars. Lots and lots of people gather for chill sessions. Not only to forget MCM DAV Girls College where you can also see zooming imported cars and bikes as soon as the clock strikes 12.

4. Quality Education

Chandigarh is the ultimate hub of education institutions where we have Prestigious Punjab University which is a brand name in itself and also ranked as one of the top ten universities of India and schools like St. Johns, Carmel Convent, Vivek High and DPS. All these institutions are facilitated with latest infrastructure, Best Teachers and aim at inculcating life skills along with the academics in the students.

Well, India's Ex.Prime Minister did his Masters from Punjab University, need I say more?

Punjab University has a wide range of courses and has a mixed crowd, right from International Delegates to Localites to students from Jammu & Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Punjab University has it's own student center also known as StuC which offers best possible food of good quality and reasonable price, It's the ultimate swag which is the bubbly vibe of the city.

5. Less Expensive

Chandigarh is a well-planned city and is cheaper than other metro cities of India. It has shopping places which fit everyone's budget and need. People can shop like retards here and still won't feel cash strapped.

Though Elante Mall is the ultimate shopper’s paradise and has crazy sales after almost every few months.

6. Weekend Getaways

Chandigarh is situated near the foothills of Shiwalik range of Himalyas and thus is close to many hill stations like Shimla, Kasauli, Manali etc. You can experience winter anytime you want since all of these destinations are just 6-7 hours away. Timber Trail is the nearest destination for short road trips. Dagshai Graveyard has many stories associated with it. Tikkar Taal has a scenic beauty. All these places are perfect for weekend road trips if you want to get stress free and rejuvenate yourself for the upcoming week. The city's night life is quiet happening as well. S cafe has "Gaah" nights most of the Saturdays along with other discotheques like Chimney Heights Warehouse, The Backrooms etc.

7. Foodiesm

Dominated by Punjabi Culture, The foodie's city has all sorts of eateries which offer Lip-smacking food which you definateky cannot resist. Pal Dhaba has the ultimate Non-vegetarian food along with Sher-e-Punjab. Not only the North Indian Food, there are outlets which caters the need of American, Chinese cuisines as well.

Elante Mall acts as a mini hub for food outlets just like IT park does to MNC's.

Brooklyn Central, Mocha, Chillies, S Cafe are the best possible venues for lunch dates while Brew Estate and The Great Bear serve their self-made Beer and are usually jam-packed on weekends.

Not only the expensive ones, There are various outlets which suits budget of all the people, Gopal ji's in Sector -35, Roll Express in Sector-36 are the takeaway outlets which are usually hangout spot for teenagers after tuitions.

Dancing their way through life with Bhangra, The Youth here is more than energetic and optimistic and excels in almost all the aspects of life. Not to miss the city has given good leaders, Stars to the nation Dr. Manmohan Singh, Yuvraj Singh (Cricketar), Ayushman Khurana (Singer) to name a few.

Hence I believe it's safe to say that there cannot be any other city which is more kickass than Chandigarh.

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