1. Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden in a unique, one of its kind garden in Chandigarh. The park is situated in Sector-31 of Chandigarh. The garden is based on theme of China History and is built on 13 acres of land, by Indian Government. It was inaugurated by Shivraj Patil on 7November, 2014. It consists of water bodies, Pagoda towers, water falls, meditation center, a Buddha Idol and golden bamboos. This is first ever garden in Chandigarh with Japanese touch. The garden has been developed at the cost of 6crore which totally seems worth the utility hence makes it a must visit.

The park can be visited anytime as there is no parking fee for visitors. A tall tower type structure like a typical Japanese monastery can be seen from far distance from entrance. The Pagoda Tower is a house to relics and sacred writings of Buddhist revered figure. The square shape symbolizes the earth. Each level represents one of the five elements: Wind, Water, Earth, Fire and Sky. There are 4 water bodies in the garden with wooden bridges which have been constructed over them to commute from one phase of garden to another. The garden was supposed to have 4 phases out of which 2 are in construction for now. At night, the garden looks amazing as the walk-ways are illuminated with Japanese Lanterns.

The garden has exclusive features like Japanese Lanterns, Japanese towers and Japanese styled river to increase the beauty of the garden. So yes, visit Japan by paying a visit to Japanese garden in Chandigarh.

2. Garden Of Silence

Garden of Silence (also known as Buddha Park) is an outdoor meditative space along with the majestic Sukhna Lake. The garden features a really big status of Lord Buddha in the middle of a circular staircase, made for seating. The garden also offers a view of Shiwalik Range and is one of the must visit places in Chandigarh. Though Chandigarh is known as city of gardens, Garden of Silence (often referred to as Backside of the Lake) is a bit different as it doesn’t serves the same purpose as other gardens.

The garden is 1kms away from Sukhna Lake and is open for everyone from 6:00AM TO 10:00PM. The garden is financed by the Ministry of tourism and is the latest monument in Chandigarh. It is a very noble initiative taken by the government to induce the habit of regular exercise and meditation for a healthy lifestyle. The lush green lawn and magnificent trees used to mark the boundary of the garden give it a soothing ambience which is perfect for meditation.

As Lord Buddha is a symbol of peace, the huge idol of Lord Buddha in the middle emphasizes on the silence to be kept on garden, as its name denotes the same. The idol is perfect place for family photographs as there is a serene view behind consisting of Bougainvillea trees and bushes.

The best time to visit is during the evening as the garden is well lit by beautiful lights, all these illuminations adds more to the beauty. With the circular steps around the statue of Buddha, the garden looks no less than a mini private island.

Notable efforts are taken by Chandigarh administration to preserve the natural beauty of garden; hence for protection rules and regulations are defined for everyone which includes no littering and pets, fine is also imposed on the one caught doing the same.

3. Dahlia Garden

Chandigarh, also known as city beautiful is termed as the greenest city of the country. Well, no doubt it has lush green lawns all around and tall green trees at almost every corner.

One such beauty is Dahlia Garden situated in sector-36, Chandigarh. The garden is almost similar to Fragrance Garden but what makes it different is the Dahlia Belt. The garden looks like when the flowers are fully blooming. The garden is adjacent to Guru Nanak School, and faces the entrance of Fragrance Garden on one side and Police Station the other. Sector-36 in Chandigarh is one of the prominent sectors in Chandigarh due to MCM College; hence both the gardens are visited by 500-1000 people daily on a regular basis.

Chandigarh Administration leaves no stone unturned in maintaining and preserving the beauty, hence you’ll find the garden clean and green throughout the year. The garden has benches and shady areas as well, the huge trees offer a good amount of shade where one can sit and enjoy the beauty therefore making the garden a perfect picnic spot for people. As there are rides and swings, Children enjoy playing in the park. People can be seen walking or jogging during early morning or in evening whereas during the day the garden act as savior for the laborers who just take a nap under the shade of trees. How lovely Mother Nature is, Just wow.

Dahlia garden is also considered as a good spot for photography and outdoor shoots.
It’s a must visit for the all the nature lovers.

4. Garden Of Fragrance


Garden of Fragrance, as the name suggests is a hub of many fragrant and distinctive plants such as Haar Shingaar, Raat ki Rani, Champa and different versions of Roses and Jasmine. It is situated in Sector-36A, Chandigarh on the south side of hibiscus garden near Alliance Françoise. One of the most prominent gardens of the city, it is well manicured, well-maintained, offers a serene landscape and a pleasurable walk to all it’s visitors. The garden is planned properly with all the plants and trees planted properly in a symmetrical manner and carved with designs hence creating spectacular view for the tourists. There are diverse varieties of flowers whose pleasant smell can be sensed from far away.

Carpeted in greenery, the garden is man-made and can serve as a picnic spot too. Local people can be seen carrying physical workouts during evening and morning. The paths are well laid and sculpted. The pavement, bushes, trees, lawns and the sitting arrangements, the garden has it all. It is well equipped with all kind of facilities a person will need for refreshment.

The garden offers a soothing atmosphere in morning where early risers can definitely have a stroll to get a good kick start for the day while during the evening the garden yet again acts as a refreshment source to calm the mind after a hectic day. If you’re visiting this garden don’t forget to try the amazing juice from stand just in front of the entrance of the fragrance garden. People from different sectors specially come to 36, Fragrance Garden to have that juice.

Not only this, in morning you’ll also find a stall of Karela Juice. What a good kick start to a healthy and awesome day, Juice after a walk. Fragrance Garden is a home to many animals, various species of Birds and insects (not harmful though). Also, there is small tuck-shop sort of outlet right at the main entrance Unnati has been set up just to cater the small needs of food items and juices. Fragrance Garden is visited by almost all the age groups. Oldies can be seen walking, doing yoga or either gossiping in the beautifully de4designed huts while children take rides and play games. And the young ones can be seen doing exercise in the lap of nature.

There is an open stage as well so many times youngsters come here for practice of their dance items, flash mobs, plays and meetings etc. Well, what’s better than conducting a meet in open air, pleasant surroundings? Most of the walking and jogging tracks are covered well in shade so you’ll find people walking here at any time of the day.

The garden offers shade to the workers during afternoon, Rickshawala bhaiya can be seen sleeping under the shade of the huge tree while the couples find a corner to meet, though there is a regular supervision of police and they often take rounds to ensure everything is okay. The garden has some rules and regulations too like no animals allowed inside and that there is a fine for plucking the flowers. Well yes, an initiative by Chandigarh Administration to preserve it’s heritage and valuable natural asset.

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