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Home food away from home! – Top Tamil Restaurants in Bangalore
Priya Raghavan

Image credit : Padhaaro.com

It is said that experiences and environment are what makes a person. In that sense, I am a culmination of the rich heritage and culture of my dear Singara Chennai and in particular, Mylapore, where I grew up. Chennai is a beautiful melting pot of various cultures. It is one place where you see orthodox Muslims, traditional Brahmins, devout Catholics rub their shoulders together, in harmony.
This reflects in the food as well. Nowhere else can you see a heady mix of pure Brahmin breakfast items and yummy Thalpakatti biriyanis co-exist in the same street.
For such a diehard Chennaiite, moving to Bangalore presented a lot of challenges – most importantly food. One of my top missions after shifting was to locate good Tamil restaurants in Bangalore that will appease my homesickness for Chennai, much to the surprise of my husband.
I was sure that there must be good Tamil food style restaurants in Bangalore as these neighbourly states were practically one, till the division happened post-independence.
Checking with neighbours and practically with anybody who spoke a word of Tamil, I today have a list of Tamil restaurants in Bangalore that we drop by, whenever nostalgia sets in. These restaurants serve authentic Tamil food, that is a delight not only for a Tamil person like me but for any foodie who worships good food. Topping my list is the famous Annapoorani Restaurant.
An extension of Mouli group’s catering services, this restaurant has become one of the landmarks in Indira Nagar since its inception in 2004. This is undoubtedly the best Classic Tamil food restaurant in Bangalore and enjoys a strong and loyal fan following.
With classic Tamil music playing softly in the background, your taste buds get delighted, when wave after wave of the yummy morsels of food, that are made without any artificial preservatives or additives are served.
Some of the best dishes that are a must-try here are Murungakeerai Adai (Pancake with drumstick leaves), Adai’s (multigrain pancakes), Rasam Vada, Idiyappam and Appam. Served with a generous scoop of a variety of chutney’s and hot piping sambar, you are sure to attain food nirvana. Another must-try item here is the Kalyana weekend Saappadu (Thali), where a wide variety of items is served like a wedding feast. With yummy food served on banana leaves, the whole experience makes me nostalgic of my dear grandmother’s tasty food preparations.

South Indies

An upscale South Indian restaurant in Indira Nagar, this restaurant offers delicacies from all the 4 South Indian states. With tastefully done ambience, great food and good service makes it for lip-smacking and enjoyable times.
Served in the buffet format, but on the table, be sure to go with an empty and hungry stomach, to have a feast here.
Right from the 8 starters, to 3 main courses, curd rice, dessert and topped with a perfect cup of South Indian Filter Coffee – you need to experience it, to understand the gastronomic attack on your system. While every item is a must-try, the ones you should definitely, absolutely not miss are the Appams, Neer dosa, and the most delicious Elaneer payasam.

Adyar Ananda Bhavan

Popularly known as A2B, this casual dining restaurant is present in multiple locations in Bangalore. From humble beginnings as a sweet shop 3 decades ago in Chennai. to more than 95 restaurants all over the states of Tami Nadu, Karnataka, Pondicherry and Delhi, their growth speaks volumes about their tasty food preparations.
This chain of restaurants is almost in the QSR style and dishes out tasty tiffin, meal and snack varieties in a jiffy.
A must try item is their Filter coffee and Mini Tiffin combo. Their sambar is so tasty and will make you seriously think of kidnapping their chef.

Shree Krishna Kafé

Image credit : Talking street

Strategically located in JP Nagar, with good proximity to the bustling Jaya Nagar, this restaurant was started by Mr Marappan, who hails from Chennai.
A no-frills, Tamil Nadu mess style hotel, it is well known for its breakfast items. It is very popular especially for the Dosa varieties, Pongal, Vada and super soft fluffy Idli’s. At very moderate fares, Idli, Vada, Masala Dosa and coffee are the must-try items here, while the weekend special meals served on banana leaf has a regular following.

Arusuvan Arasu Madhuram

Run by the family of the great chef, Mr Arusuvai Natarajan, this small restaurant in HSR Layout with simple ambience, will give you perfect tasting Brahmin style food.
It is very popular for its weekend special meals, which is quite a vast spread with more than 9 subjis, 5 types of yummy curries, and desserts that include payasam and carrot halwa.
Served on banana leaves, the food is not too spicy but is loaded with flavours.
Well known for their catering services, they have the accomplishment of catering food for 1008 weddings that were conducted on the same day by the Tamil Nadu government, where more than 1 Lakh people were served.

The other players

Apart from the above, the other restaurants/messes worth mentioning are Salem’s kitchen in Sivaji Nagar, Madurai Idli shop in Koramangala, Suvai at Indira Nagar, Mylapore Café at HSR, Kumbakonam Degree Coffee and the list goes on.

Ambience Excepting a few upscale ones, most of the restaurants are modelled as a simple ambience, quick-eat, mess kind of tiffin centres with a primary focus on serving tiffin items. Weekends are reserved for special and elaborate meals. Crowds throng these places for quick, healthy and tasty bites.

For the Non-Veg Lovers

For the Non-Veg lovers, you have Anjappars in Koramangala and Indira Nagar, Aachi’s, Aduppadi and Ponnusamy in Indira Nagar, Junior Kuppanna’s in Koramangala, and Chetiyaar’s in Ulsoor. These restaurants are known for their spicy, lip-smacking meat preparations that sing the praise of the Chettinad cuisine. These restaurants have a pretty decent veg menu also. I am a big fan of the fluffy and flaky Parottas and Idiyappams served in Anjappars. The Naatu Kodi soup, aka Chicken soup available here, is bound to clear your ENT system and drive away cold and congestion more effectively than your Doctors medicines. With this small compilation, I hope I have done justice to the awesome food that is served in these restaurants and that this serves as a good guide to my fellow foodie friends!