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After Bengaluru it's time to know its peopleMoeedul Hussain

7 things every Bangalorean loves

Bangalore; a melting point of various cultures and traditions, a home away from home, a perfect destination to unravel history and travel back into time, is undoubtedly one of the happiest metros in India! The capital city of Karnataka, this colourful and jovial city not only boasts of being the ‘Garden City of India’, but also takes the pride of being an ideal abode of dwellers from almost all the corners of the country.
But then, have you ever though what makes Bangalore (now Bengaluru) the best metropolis in the country? Well, it’s the confluence of numerous ethnicities, its alluring climate, kaleidoscopic beauty, aesthetic values and definitely ‘us’; the awesome Bangaloreans!
It is in Bangalore, where we embrace everyone with an open heart! It is us, who rather than asking other to change, adapt their cultural values to make them feel home! Yes, such is the charm of this Garden City, and thus we call it ‘Namma Bengaluru’ and not just yours or my Bengaluru! If you are craving to know more about us or our heart-warming city, here are seven things that we Bengalurians are passionate about:

Mornings in Cubbon Park

where is Cubbon Park?

While the rest of the country is struggling for a pollution-free ambience, we Bangaloreans make it straight to the Cubbon Park! A natural treasure trove and one of the most striking landmarks in the city, this is the park that welcomes most of our Bangalore mornings. Situated at the heart of Bangalore, this floral display spreads across 100acres, and entices the city dwellers for a fresh and rejuvenating morning.
Created by Major General Richard Sankey, Chief Engineer of Mysore, Cubbon Park testifies Bangalore's love for Mother Nature and a bucolic atmosphere. Be it in the morning or during any point of the day, you can always expect a magical experience amidst the humdrums of city-life while in Cubbon Park; time to get some fresh air!

Cuppa Kapi with Traditional Breakfast

Let's grab a coffee CCD or Starbucks; say this to a Bangalorean, and you will get the answer of your lifetime! For a Bangalorean like me or anyone else, these popular coffee joints simply serve as places where you can sit back, chit-chat with friends, click selfies, and enjoy free Wi-Fi to change your DP!
For us, it is the 'Cuppa Kapi' (filter coffee) followed by lip-smacking traditional delicacies like 'Idli', 'Dosa', 'Medu Vada', 'Kesari Bhat' and others that makes our day! If you are in Bangalore right now, or are planning to visit our gorgeous city, make sure you visit the popular food-joints like MTR, Veena Stores, CTR, Koshy's, Vidyarthi Bhavan, Dosa Camp, Vasudev Adigas, India Coffee House, and others to sample a typical Bangalore morning!

Evenings at Thindi Beedi

Do you still think that only KFC, Subway, or McD serves the most tantalising fast-foods in the world? If yes, you need to correct your knowledge, and head directly to Thindi Beedi in namma Bengaluru! The most popular food-street in our city, Thindi Beedi or VV Puram is the hub of foodies; it is the street that can get your taste buds greedier than before! A bustling and equally flavoursome street dotted with numerous food stalls, VV Puram comes alive in the evening.
Visit this food street in the evenings; make it to some of the popular joints like Shri Vasavi Chatnis, Arya Vysya Refreshment, The Chat Shop, Shri Vasavi Mane Tindi, and other to feast on delicacies like Akki Roti, Ragi Roti, Chats, varities of Idli, Dosa, Uttapams, and lots more. Being in Bangalore without visiting Thindi Beedi will be no less than committing a crime!

Sunrise Ride to Nandi Hills

Where is Nandi Hills?

We Bangaloreans are a game for everything; be it fun or frolic, thrill or adventure, you will find us everywhere! And while taking about all these, it’s the picturesque Nandi Hills that ignites our yearnings for fun, thrill, excitement, and adventure!
Located around 60km from the heart of the city; off the National-Highway7, an early morning ride to this captivating hill is an experience of its own kind! This enthralling ride will take you through a mixed of terrains that will surely pump up your adrenaline! Are you a game for a sunrise ride to Nandi Hills?

Shopping at Commercial Street

Where is Commercial street?

Almost all the cities have their own destinations for the shopping sprees; Sarojini Nagar in Delhi, Colaba in Mumbai, New Market in Kolkata, and T Nagar in Chennai! However, if you happen to ask a Bangalorean like me or anyone else, these destinations won’t even make us blink our eyes; we have our very own Commercial Street!
One of the most bustling and electrifying locales in namma Bengaluru, this is the place where you can shop from local to your favourite international brands. Whether budget or extravagant, bridal or casual shopping, you can always make it to Commercial Street and quench all your shopping desires!

Weekend Rides and Trips

We Bangaloreans are passionate wanderlusts and thrill seekers; we have all the reasons to be such! We live in a city that is surrounded by enchanting destinations like Bheemeshwari, Banasura, Ramnagar, Skandagiri, Bandipur, Dubare Elephant Camp, Anthargange, Chikmagalur, Sakleshpur, and many more.
While rest of the country goes gaga for weekend shopping, get-togethers, and parties, we Bangaloreans plan for long rides or drive to these magical destinations and satiate all our yearnings.
While in namma Bengaluru, don’t ask what’s there for the weekend; rather ask where are we heading to this weekend!

Mall Hopping

Mall hopping is one such activity that never gets us bored! In fact, this is one such activity that helps us take out some time from our scheduled life and spend time with family and friends!
Be it shopping or having a family dinner, meeting some old pals or enjoying the latest Box Office release, these flamboyant malls never disappoints us. And thus, whenever we are free enough, we just text our friends – let’s catch up in Forum or Mantri mall for some time!