13 Top Bakeries & Ice cream Parlours In ChandigarhAshima Salaria

Gulab Jamun, Rasogulla, Gajarela, Kulfi, Rasmalaiii. Aaaaah!

The most delightful names for any sweet lover.

Approximately 51% of the total population of India is believed to have an insatiable Sweet Tooth. Well, I guess 10-15% of them are Punjabis.

Some people are born with Sweet Tooth and then some are born Punjabis. Sweets are the weakness of almost every person in North India. Considering Dessert the favorite part of the meal we North Indians love all possible sweets, From Waffles, Brownies, Puddings to Barfi, Kheer, Halwa.

There is this unconditional and unexplainable love about sweet things only a sweet lover will understand.

Well the time is changing and so are the choices. With discovery of new dishes like Puddings and pies, Sundaes and Choco Fudge taste buds of younger generation are changing.
Don’t stress out if you think only cities like Mumbai and Delhi have such food outlets, Chandigarh-the city beautiful is evolving too.
Here’s a list of few Bakeries and Ice-cream parlor where you can pamper your taste buds with the best quality food -

1. Nik Bakers

Founded by Indo-American chef Nikhil Mittal, NB has it’s outlets in prime sectors of Chandigarh, Sector-9, 35, Elante and Mohali and as of now Nikhil’s Priority was only North India but soon he might extend it to other cities as well.

NB has wide range of varieties starting from Almond Cookies to Belgian Chocolates to Chocolate Pudding, Pies and pastries, this European style Bakery cum café has savories from all over the world. Chicken Nachos are a quiet appetizing and the courteous staff leaves no stone unturned in pleasing you. You just cannot resist after having one Blueberry Cheesecake. YOU JUST CAN NOT. Tastes like heaven, Feels like magic.

If Starbucks ever wants to set up in Chandigarh, They have to compete with Nik Bakers.

2. Giani’s Ice-cream parlour

I scream, you scream, we all scream for aaaicce-creamm.
If you like off-beat ice-creams and not the usual mainstream flavors, Giani’s is the right place for you.
They have Kulfi’s, Sorbet’s, Sundaes and Mousse since 1956 and all of these are still relished by people of all ages. They have a right blend of Creamy and Yummm !!

Seems like Giani’s know how to be a desi at heart ;)
This national food chain has it’s outlets in Chandigarh in sector-35C, Aromas-22 and in many other convenient locations as well.

3. Baskin Robbins

With over 600+ outlets in India, Baskin Robbins has already set a benchmark for other ice-cream parlors. It’s a Massachusetts based largest chain of ice-cream. (And till now you thought Dominos is the only one?? Hahahhahah )

The little scopes of joy, yes 31 flavors (yeah, you can try a new flavor every day of the month. WOW. ) will make you crave for them again and again.

In Chandigarh Baskin has it’s outlets in many Prominent spots, Sector-8, 35 etc.

Aaand GOOD NEWS, They’ve started their range of Ice-cream cakes as well, But in selected area only.

4. Softy Corner

I hope you all know how famous is Sector-17, Chandigarh. It’s the perfect destination for Shopping, Eating, Hangout and what not. This place is quiet nostalgic for all the 90’s kid. Among all the memories of Fountain show, and random flash mobs, the tiny-yet-popular Softy Corner has always won our hearts with its cones, cups and sundaes.

Not only for sweets it is now expanding it’s food menu, some light snacks are already added in the list. You can now find them in sector 9 as well ;)

5. Oven Fresh

One of the finest bakers in Chandigarh, Oven Fresh never fails to amaze it’s customers with it’s World’s Best Coffee. Currently it has it’s outlets in Sector – 26, 35 and Elante Mall and all the outlets have a pleasant atmosphere and great décor. The quantity is always good for the price they offer.

It has a wide variety of cakes and pastas and sandwiches which tastes best with their exclusive shakes. Ferrero Rocher being my favourite.

Staff is very gleeful and also the service is very quick. Neat Ambience with Great Food, What else does a food fanatic wants??

6. Polka Bakery

Remember how a Polka Bakery visit was mandatory to treat your friends on Birthdays in childhood. Suiting everyone’s budget Polka bakery has the best swiss rolls and their delicious dessert range is very delicious and very affordable. It starts from Ruppees50 per person.

(Now we know why all teens are mad for Polka ;) )
Their cakes are simply amazing and a delight to have.
The bakery is present in Sector-34, Chandigarh.

7. Petite Sweet

Yet another place with a budget suiting all pockets, Petite Sweet in sector-8, Chandigarh has mouth-watering morning pastries, flaky croissants, cinnamon rolls, muffins, cakes, cookies, pies and fresh home baked breads.

And the best part all the stuff is made in-house by hand with purest and best ingredients thus neither your weight will suffer the consequences(of overeating) nor your guilt.

8. Classic-44

Classic-44 is a small venture in 19, 37, 44 and many sectors of Chandigarh. They offer a wide variety of chocolate, Vanilla and fruit cake with a wide range of snacks. Classic-44 also has Lip-smacking savories, For non-veg lovers Chicken Spiral is a must try.

9. Super Donuts

The Super Donuts is located in Sector – 8 and 35 of city beautiful. It has great interior and equipped with amazing lights with limited seating options. It’s amazing in-house ambience resembling the aroma of caffeine the moment you enter is something you just can’t ignore and it makes you crave for more.

They have a large variety available. The donuts here are the fresh & best. Moreover Burgers and shakes are great. You can opt for Home Delivery also. It’s a Cozy, Cheerful and a Decent to hangout place for all the youngsters and the music here is an additional mood enhancer.

10. Uncle Jacks

Well this new startup has made us go all gaga for it within a short period of time. All time updated menus and their new innovations of Cake in a Jar and shakes are ir-restible. Good Bakery and Tastefully done food.

It’s located in Sector -8 Inner Market and is more of a takeway place, doesn’t have a seating arrangement. The Oreo Shake is a complete bliss, yummy and a luxurious shake.
Be patient if you have to wait a bit, The wait is worth the heavenly taste and satisfaction you feel after eating it.

11. Gelato D’ Italia

As a die-hard desserts fan, I can surely say this place is a delight for sweet lover. It’s a small outlet, yet again in sector -8Chandigarh where ice-creams are made in Italian way. Chocolate cupcakes and Chocolate brownie are a must try along mouth-watering delicious Gelato flavors. They are always high on quality and deee-light-ful!

12. Monica’s Pudding and Pies

If you’re a non-egg lover then Monica’s is your destination. Monica’s is mostly bustling with the Patrons who come here for Pastries.

One stop shop for all the Vegetarians, Monica has a diverse menu of cakes and patisseries. It’s seriously not possible to refrain yourself from cherishing the delicious Choco Truffle, it’ll definitely make you drool over it and you will find yourself here again and again.

13. Get Desserted

Situated between hubs of food joints in Sector-8 market, this outlet has a wide variety of flavors. The Oreo Fudge and Paan Flavored ice-cream is a must try. Many flavors and toppings to choose from in a clean environment.

The coolest thing, they prepare your ice-creams right in front of you and NOTHING CAN BEAT THEIR PRESENTATION.

Exciting much?? Well, HELL YESSSSSSSSS!!!
So now you know where do you want to go. Till the time follow what your heart says ( and the list obviously) and GET DESSERTEDDD !!!! ;)))

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