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As a travel blogger
i went to travel around South 3 years before. on the request of my friend i am writing this small blog which would give you a small but crisp glimpse on Visakhapatnam which is an ideal southern port-town of India. it is full of ships, shops, malls, architecture and hotels. the whole city is studded with hotels to give repose to the tourists and businessmen. i am writing this helpful blog on the request of my friend Smriti Lamba who runs Indiatweets.in an online e-escort website which can give you thorough assistence on where to roam in Visakhapatnam, where to dine and what are the edibles ; what are most popular dhabas and cheapest yet scandilicious iterinaries around Visakhapatnam. i have also written an interview with a real escort in Vizag.

Hotel Supreme:

when i went to Visakhapatnam, i stayed in hotel supreme. it is a convinienent hotel, clean and it serves moderate standard veg nd non-veg foods. the most positive side of this property is that it is centred around heartland of the city and surrounded by Rushikonda beach and the window will give you a serene and quintessential view of the marine blue of the beach , dont ever step out at night. the sea side is full of small crabs....they may irritate you in legions. apart from hotel supreme you may find if your wallet allowes you a couple of high-end hotels like park and hotel novatel. at night it really looks like a toy city or like a celluloid city set for bollywood film shooting when all the lamp posts are lit and exude a dreamy effulgence.
Buddhist Sites:

there are four Budhdhist sites near Visakhapatnam. Thotlakonda, Bojjnakonda, Pavuralla konda, bavi konda. these are all situated within 30-70 kn from the main. these sites were excavated by the British administrator-cum-archaeologists and built by Ashoka himself in 2nd c A.D after had converted to Buddhism.

Nostalgic Winding Staircase

historically these are significant and can give us many clues about the time these were built. the roman coins discovered also tell a story of a favourable indo-roman trade that was carried out between the Mouryan dynasty and the Roman ruling dispensation. several rock-cut figures were carved out and many religious personalities came here from Sri Lanka, China to visit the sculpture of the Buddha in Bavikonda. in Thotlakonda Hinayana Buddhism was practiced in Thotlakonda. the historians and the Andhra government has classified the edifices that have so far been spared from the ravages of time into civil, religious buildings. these are all protected by the state tourism department. in Thotlakonda legends have it that few bones of the mortal remains of the Buddha were interred into the stupa. Bavikonda is surrounded by a village sankaram and placed on a hilltop accessible by a staircase. adjacent to it is another Buddhist site Lingalakonda. i went b2y auto and they took me around 800 rs to and fro for each place


Raju Gari Dhaba :

Raju Gari Dhaba is a moderately priced small dhaba which provides you with a flurry of southern delicacies. it is a small place decked up with some 4 tables, always occupied and it is covered with thatched roof. foods are incredibly delicious. Biryani especially prawn biryani, crab curry and chicken Biryani are some of the recommended signature dishes which would take some time to be prepared. i had wait for two plates of mutton biryani for 45 minutes. it guarantees you the freshness and proves the effort they put. some people call it Sea Inn, though it is good located as Raju Gari Dhaba only. many food critics such as Vinod Dua, Rockey and Mayur have visited it and have given it a letter of eminence.

Scandelicious Raju Gari Sea Inn

Her name is Antara ( name changed) Reddy. Age 26 and working in the media industry, she looks like a fun loving young spinster who loves traveling and food a lot. She divides her time with provisional assignments ( best part of being freelancer) and providing escort sessiona for few hours.

Qst. How do you see the latest concept of escorting and why did you choose this job for yourself?

Ans. For me, it is really a bit confusing. I have spent some times abroad during my diploma course. I found the european continent has a more liberal outlook about escorting. Here in India it's all messed up ( giggled). People can't distinguished between sexual adult stuff and a plain original escort service which is more about accompaniment and guidance during your visit in the city in this case Vizag. For me, in the coming days things gonna be better and the escort industry would be more expanded and updated to endorse alternative approached. It's essential. I chose this job because I love people helping. Guiding lost soul. Chatting and spending time with likeminded strangers who keep interests in sight seeing, tasting street food and meeting local people. I am providing the service for last three years and believe you me, in this journey met some wonderful candid minds who did not keep the relations within the escort fold but streched to a warm friendship.

Qst. But how do you see the present scenario in Vizag being almost a localite? How do common people see the job ?

Ans. I dont know about everyone. It's an emerging mega city where you can find all channels of entertainment be it food, discos and pubs. It is near the coast, so people are generally enthusiastic about the elegant things of life. Night out, long drives towards the outskirts, spending weekends in discos are normal things. Vizag girls are many times migrant IT professionals like me who can't miss a can of beer or two in the pubs when they reach home on friday nights. So overall, the educated and urban crowd are absolutely cool about what you are doing. I can't avoid the fact there are still some purita and cliché minds who stereotype things. No? I believe you will find such people even in the most developed part of the world !

Qst. Being an escort, do you feel satisfied or being a photographer is a more lucrative and prominent oppoturnity for you?

Ans. Hmm... Being a photographer I pursue my passion, not the ambitions exactly. I love taking images of people and culture and that's what I'm doing for the last few years. I had previously worked with entertainment and media companies. But I preferred to be a freelancer as it spares me more time to ponder on myself. Escort job is much steadier and a direct source of payment working for few hours. Initially, even I was a little hesitant about the entire thing. But now it's more about fun and excitement. Whom are you gonna meet and how could you spend the best time with them.

Qst. Do you keep do's and don't when you work?
Ans. Oh yes! But I have been told I'm compromising nature, can adjust with people and sensitive too. So the last thing makes me allergic to cater service to such people who are judgmental, uncultured and don't get the core meaning of an escort.
In Vizag, there are plenty of tourists who shuffle between during their business trips. Some even come for cultural leisure trips. I only meet people who come to travel here, they can be a single or couple or a group. I would then assist them in everyway an escort should do. This city has plenty of places to dine out, roam around, long driving destinations and pubs and discs to chill. I make the plans for them, baby guide them in evrry step and above all stay by my clients if they need me. I prefer my clients stay in decent places like within a star hotel premise. The best part of it then I can meet them in the lobby or in-built restaurant for a deal. All star regencies serve regional telugu platters, I don't miss the chance to introduce them with local food and explain the unique ingredients imbibed in them. ( giggles )

Qst. I can see you're really confident about your profession and profile. Being an escort it's really rare but you have it. Probably, an upscale person would always prefer an escort friend like this. But do you sometimes face uncanny situations? Would like to share some of those stories?

Ans. Despite being a megacity, Vizag is still in the process of ultra modernisation. After midnight you won't find lot of people in the streets. Everywhere it is not properly lit up as well. People who are going for parties and long drives will always prefer to use a cab or personal sedans or SUVs. Being an escort, I prefer working within the suitable evening time say around within ten or eleven? I have faced many abusive messages and spammy content in my social media id. Since then I have kept my profile private and limited to public view.
Qst. Sorry to interrupt but what do you mean by spammy content?

Ans. Well, you know for India escort is something connected to sex, sexual stuff. There are such people in Vizag too who connects these two things. I prefer to avoid impolite people who attack you on social media. Another reason why I also did nt provide my phone number publicly because I can't handle nuisance after midnight. I have a professional life too.

Qst. How you see an escort service between two adults?

Ans. It is absolutely fine if it's consensual. If there is a monetary exchange also I have nothing to say. In Vizag, there are lot of escorts who are providing adult services and paying their taxes. I will say again, it's their choice. I have no right to say anything about it.

Qst. Smriti lamba is running this indiatweets venture since three years Her lot of articles are considered as quality content on local escorts and food, culture etc.. if she likes to feature this interview with you in her site would you mind?
Ans. Not at all. Rather, if this can reach the maximum views in the Vizag search when someone searches the Vizag escorts, I'll be more than happy to be displayed on their screen as a genuine escort profile. Qst. Do lot of people know you here?

Ans. Yeah. I have a huge social life. Majority pubs and restauraneurs know me as I visit their properties with my clients. In weekends, I shoot street food and tiny seashore food stalls. I am planning to be a local vlogger now as I have too much local knowledge of famous places in the city. May be, a tourist visiting Visakhapatnam might find my blog and pics helpful to him or her.